2 min readFeb 19, 2019

In a world where people have to pay for services or values rendered to the, SOMESING is among the very few that render their services free to their users. You can sing songs of favorite artists for free anytime, anywhere, and get rewarded if you get popular.

Most music service companies make their users pay to use their services, which to them is normal. Some even come in the guise that they are offering the services for free, but after a period of time, they cut off the service and request that their users pay in order to continue using the services.

For SOMESING, we believe in adding value to our users. And you might be wondering what value we are adding? Studies have shown that music is a food of the soul. When you feed the soul very well, your mind and body will be healthy. For others, music is how they relate themselves to the world. A teacher once asked his students what music meant to them, that was the day he realized that music meant differently to different people. Some says, “Music is a way to express yourself, keep you company while you are alone, and always give you something to do”. Another said “Music is a source of inspiration”. So, if this is what music meant to these people, and many other people in the world, why then should we stop anyone from having access to it?

The value we at SOMESING are giving is not only monetized because we also want to make people inspired with songs, while for others, we are giving the opportunity to express their selves better. To those who see music as a food to their soul, we are helping them to feed their soul and mind better. We believe that if everyone has access to music without having to worry about paying for it, it will help change how social music is viewed now; while to others it will help them fulfill their dreams of being an artist and have a career. At SOMESING, we believe that there are so many problems in the world that music can solve, that’s why we made our services free, to help the world have free access to the music it needs.