What can music lovers do at home recently?

While most people throughout the globe are struggling with a global pandemic of ‘COVID-19’ virus, it is good news that many music lovers are looking for energy while singing and cheering up each other in SOMESING platform.

So today, we are going to talk about how SOMESING is being positioned in the content platform market based on our recent real data. Please check out the details below.

The graph below shows the number of daily content creation and comments between users over the past 3 months.

SOMESING’s recent Data Analysis

As shown in the graph, more than 1,000 song contents have been created per day recently, and over 10,000 user-to-user participation in comments has occurred per day.

Compared to any other mobile karaoke apps, it seems that far more contents are actively created through the SOMESING platform, and solid relationships are being formed among users through various singing and SNS activities.

We hope all SOMESING lovers get happy energy in SOMESING and win the fight against the ‘COVID-19’ virus that may end at any time.

Wish all of you good health and peace.





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