SOMESING’s latest update, ver 1.7.0, is now available!!

Hi, Fellow SOMESING supporters!

SOMESING team is thrilled to announce our latest update with [ver 1.7.0]!! 📢 Please see what have been updated and enjoy more on SOMESING :)

Enjoy SOMESING’s latest version 1.7.0

ONE! The search feature has been improved!

-. Recent Search & Popular Search features have been added.

-. Now, the contents that are being posted and the song whose posting period has ended are listed in the search results :)

TWO! The singing page provides a genre-specific search filter!

Select your favorite genre through the filter and find the song you want to sing.

THREE! The listening page provides a genre-specific search filter!

Select your favorite genre through the filter and find the song you want to listen to.

FOUR! The detailed song listening page has been improved!

Now you can view the lyrics while listening to the song. Be noted that this feature applies to songs posted after this update. You can check the effect setting value of the song by tapping the ‘View Lyrics’ icon.

FIVE! The follower & following management feature has been updated!

Your favorite registration function has been added to your list. Now add your favorite users to your favorites and check out the top of your list. The feature to reject(delete) some of your followers has been added. Unwanted users can be deleted from your follower's list!

Tip! Comments written in my content can be reported/deleted. If you have any offensive comments, please report/delete them immediately!

SIX! A badge will be given to the new singer’s ‘First Posting’ content!

Singers who joined SOMESING and posted the very first song will be given a special badge to be welcomed. If you find any content with a “hi” badge on it, please welcome it :)

SEVEN! My Page > Songs scheduled to be deleted on the private list will be marked as ‘To be deleted’!

As the number of private songs stored on ‘My Page’ will be limited to 30 songs in the future, songs over 30 songs will be marked as ‘To be deleted’.

EIGHT! ‘Inquiry via email’ feature has been added!

The inquiry feature can be found in My Page > Settings.

Take advantage of this feature when you have questions and/or suggestions. We’ll give you quick feedback :)​

SOMESING is committed to creating a great experience for you. We love getting feedback as it helps us recognize great service and ways to improve your day with us. We look forward to your on-going support and interest in our project. Thank you!

From SOMESING team