SOMESING’s Big Step Forward to the Web3 World! Launch of ‘Sing NFT’!

3 min readMay 22, 2023
  • SOMESING launches the ‘Sing NFT’ feature via its latest update of v.2.4.0
  • To build and expand a multi-chain NFT ecosystem using HAVAH’s interchain technology

SOMESING(SSX), the world’s 1st blockchain-based ‘Singing Content Platform, has taken its big step forward to the Web3 world through its latest update of v.2.4.0!

On 20 February 2023, SOMESING announced a 2023–2024 roadmap through Xangle, a blockchain project disclosure platform, that it is going to build a Web3-based “Singverse” through its global expansion and user content.

[SOMESING’s Sample UI screen to mint ‘Sing NFT’]

SOMESING achieved its Q2 2023 roadmap via the recent v.2.4.0 update by launching the feature for users to be able to mint NFT within the app using their song content created on the SOMESING platform.

[SOMESING’s Sample UI screen to mint ‘Sing NFT’]

Along with this update, SOMESING also signed a strategic partnership with ‘HAVAH’, the promising interchain platform company, to expand its multi-chain NFT ecosystem in the Web3 world.

HAVAH is an interchain infrastructure platform that expands the Web3 ecosystem and increases the value of digital assets by allowing the free transfer and use of various digital assets (FT, NFT) issued by multiple chains and services. HAVAH, which officially opened the service in January 2023, has attracted more than 10B KRW in its initial investment from various VCs and partners and continues to disclose various global investments and partnerships. Recently, various projects are increasing chain expansion and connection use cases using ‘HAVAH Mitter’ such as Klaytn’s ‘Bellegom NFT’ project migrating to the Polygon network through HAVAH.

Through this partnership, the two companies will work closely together to allow users to use HAVAH’s interchain solution when transferring “Sing NFT” generated based on the Klaytn network on the SOMESING platform to the different blockchain networks they want. Through this, SOMESING plans to expand SOMESING’s Sing NFT to be linked to various global NFT marketplaces by Q2 2024.

Ken Yoon, COO of SOMESING, said, “Through this partnership, we are pleased to be able to expand the global Web3 ecosystem for SOMESING users based on HAVAH’s interchain technology. In addition to establishing a multi-chain NFT ecosystem, we will make efforts to exert business synergy by utilizing various networks owned by the two companies” he added.

Scott Kim, CBDO of HAVAH, said, “We will actively support HAVAH’s interchain infrastructure so that user-generated Sing NFT can be used more widely without dependency of blockchain network and service through cooperation with SOMESING, which has been creating real-life Web3 use cases based on worldwide popular K-content.”

It is recommended to refer to the link below if you would like to learn ‘How to Mint Sing NFT on SOMESING’.

SOMESING team will keep doing our best to be one of the leading Web3 services in the future.