SOMESING v.2.2.0 Update Notice!

Hi, beloved SOMESING users,

We are pleased to have brought you our v.2.2.0!

Let’s have a look at what are new features!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

One. Sing Party Open!

A Singing Event that users can host!

The host can select the winner as well as set the prize money.

Please refer to the Sing Party guide.

Two. ‘Free MIC Charging Station’ Open!

Have you missed the chance to support your favorite song as you run out of MIC? Visit ‘Free MIC Charging Station’ to get MIC!

Three. AI-based Music Recommendation Feature Beta Open!

AI will recommend songs according to the user’s preferences!

Four. Improved UI on ‘Newbie Posting’ page

Welcome SOMESING Newbies on the newly designed ‘Newbie Posting’ page!

Five. Minimum OS version for ios & AOS has changed

The minimum support version of the app has changed as support for the development for lower OS versions has been suspended.

Your generous understanding would be appreciated as this is a measure to provide better service :)

* OS subject to service interruption

Versions below iOS 13.0, Android OS 7.0

SOMESING has been doing its best to provide you with the best possible service. Your ongoing support would be great.





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