SOMESING Token Swap Announcement

SSX Token Swap from ICON(IRC2) to Klaytn(KCT)

Dear, Beloved SOMESING supporters!

We appreciate your on-going support and interest in SOMESING project.

Please check the following information and proceed SOMESING token(SSX) swap that is followed by our recent mainnet transfer to Klaytn.

1. How to Swap SSX Token

1) Token Swap via SOMESING Homepage

① Access the page and click the token swap

② Register a wallet address (Kaikas or Klaytn Wallet) to receive new KCT based SSX token

※ Please note that Klip’s Klaytn deposit address cannot be registered.

③ Send existing IRC2-based SSX to IRC2 deposit address for swap

④ KCT-based SSX token will be automatically sent to Klaytn based wallet address

※ Tokens swap guide via SOMESING homepage is to be announced through SOMESING’s official blog

2) Token Swap via exchanges

① Token Swap supporting exchanges : Dcoin Exchange, Probit Korea, Velic

② How to Swap : If you have an existing IRC2-based SSX on the above mentioned exchanges, token swap to KCT-based SSX will be automatically done.

③ For token swap, trading of the existing IRC2-based SSX will be suspended, and the KCT-based SSX listing schedule will be announced separately after consultation with the exchanges.

2. Token Swap Schedule

1) Token Swap via Homepage : From August 10 at 15:00(KST) till the swap completion

2) Token Swap via Exchanges : After the trading is suspended on August 18, the token swap will be automatically completed with 1:1 ratio of the corresponding holding by taking a snapshot of the SOMESING Token holder and holding amount. The token swap completion time for each exchange may vary.

3. Remarks

1) Please check below instructions on how to make a Klaytn wallet.

① How to make Kaikas Wallet :

② How to make Klaytn Wallet :

2) Please send email to for any inquiries on the token swap.

3) If a security key (private key) that can access the Klaytn wallet address registered on the homepage for token swap is lost, SSX may be lost and SOMESING Foundation will not take any responsibility for the loss.

Please be aware of the wallet address and private key storage.