SOMESING (SSX) signs a strategic partnership with Galaxia Metaverse (GXA)!

2 min readJun 26, 2023


SOMESING, a blockchain-based ‘Music Social Network Platform’ announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with ‘Galaxia Metaverse’, a blockchain-specialized company in Korea.

[SOMESING & Galaxia Metaverse Partnership]

Through this partnership, SOMESING and Galaxia Metaverse plan to collaborate to expand the Web 3.0 ecosystem through blockchain services that the two companies have been operating. In addition, the collaboration will be promoted between the two companies to expand the blockchain ecosystem using the virtual assets of each company and the ‘Galaxia Wallet’.

Since launching the official service in November 2019, SOMESING has been steadily updating and operating the service. In particular, SOMESING took its first step toward the Web 3.0 service by successfully launching the “Sing NFT” feature that allows users to issue content created on the platform as NFT through an update conducted on May 19. In the future, the SOMESING team plans to achieve its roadmap, which was announced earlier this year, through the development of an NFT-based user ranking system and the linkage with various NFT marketplaces so that NFTs issued by users can be traded.

Galaxy Metaverse operates Galaxia Wallet, a user-centered, easy, and convenient blockchain wallet, and currently supports the storage and transmission of various virtual assets issued based on Binance, Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn chains, including its virtual asset GXA token. It also supports the feature to store and transfer NFT along with DeFi service. Based on the Galaxy Wallet, it has recently been preparing to link with various Web 3.0 services, and in collaboration with blockchain technology company BPMG, it announced the development of a Web 3.0 wallet in connection with the STO business.

An official from SOMESING said, “We hope that this partnership will accelerate the development of the Web 3.0 service pursued by SOMESING, and we will actively cooperate in various ways to benefit service users of both companies.”