SOMESING(SSX)’s recent AMA session with XT.COM!

8 min readJul 27, 2023


SOMESING(SSX), the world’s 1st blockchain-based ‘Sing Content Platform’, jointly hosted an AMA session with XT.COM exchange!

Please see what we have talked about SOMESING project.

Q1) Can you provide a brief overview of the SOMESING project? How did the SOMESING team come up with the idea to incorporate blockchain technology into the service, and what was the main motivation behind this decision?

Answer) SOMESING is the world’s 1st blockchain-based social karaoke application service started in South Korea. Although SOMESING may look similar to existing karaoke app services, we are different from others as we offer a platform for users to be able to sing and create content for free through a unique token economy designed by blockchain technology.

In addition, SOMESING is really unique service, in that, the owner of each content, which is actively consumed among our users, can be rewarded by SOMESING’s utility token (SSX) which can be exchanged into fiat money.

What is more important is that we have applied core blockchain technologies such as smart contracts and wallets within the service to make sure rewards for the content owner are distributed in both a fair and transparent way.

The global karaoke market is much bigger than you may think and there are a few mobile karaoke services in the global market as well. However, the existing karaoke apps are facing a limitation on their continuous growth due to a few major problems and this was the same for our team.

Actually, we had also been developing and operating a normal version of the karaoke app service for 5 years before we came up with the idea to apply blockchain technology to the service in 2018.

Through previous experience, our team found that around 80% of users leave the service once they realize that they have to pay money to use the service. Technical problems like poor sound quality and no reward for the content creators are also one of the main reasons for user exit.

To secure sustainable growth and get rid of the existing problems, we started building a new ecosystem for our users to sing for free by adopting a well-designed blockchain token economy. Also, users can receive fair and transparent rewards by SOMESING token (SSX) for the content they create on the platform. On top of this, we spent a lot of time developing unbeatable sound quality, which is the most important factor when users choose mobile karaoke service.

Q2) Thank you for sharing! Can you explain the main features and functionalities of SOMESING?

Answer) The best way to understand how to use SOMESING service, I recommend you refer to a quick guide on ‘How to Enjoy SOMESING’ posted on our medium channel. You will be able to find all the information including how to sing, how to donate SSX tokens for your favorite singers as well as how to withdraw SSX tokens that you earn on the SOMESING platform as a reward for your content. Please visit the below link for detailed information.

Q3) Can you explain the role of blockchain in SOMESING? How does it benefit artists and users on the platform?

Answer) Sure. I think the best way to explain the role of blockchain in SOMESING would be to show SOMESING’s token economy so that you can understand how artists and users can benefit from our ecosystem.

[SOMESING’s Token Economy]

This is our token economy. Basically, people can sing for free! No matter how many songs they sing… It’s all free to sing a song on the SOMESING platform.

However, users are required to post the content if they want to share it with other users and show off their singing talent. Once posted, a wallet is generated for each song content and every posted content will have a 2weeks period to receive SSX tokens from other users who enjoy the content. Each song will have its individual wallet address based on the information of the content owner.

At the end of 2weeks of the posting period, 60% of the total donated tokens is rewarded to the singer who has ownership of the content, and 40% belongs to the SOMESING platform so that we can use it to cover operation expenses.

All the token donations and reward histories are recorded accordingly on the blockchain network by smart contracts. You can refer to ‘Klaytn Scope’ to see how actively our users interact with each other by donating SSX tokens. Please refer to the below link.

We launched our service on blockchain in November 2019 and the key date of the service is as below chart.

[SOMESING’s Ket Data to date]

From the data, you can imagine how actively our service has been used by our users.

Q4) That’s really informative!! How do you envision SOMESING evolving in the near future? What upcoming developments or plans can we expect from the platform?

Answer) We are trying to become a popular ‘Web3’ entertainment service beloved by a lot of global users in the future. As our 1st step, we have added a new feature called ‘Sing NFT’ by updating the service in May 2023. Through this update, users now can mint NFT using the content they create in SOMESING. For more information on our ‘Sing NFT’, please visit the link below.

According to our roadmap that we officially announced on Xangle, a leading crypto intelligence platform, in Feb 2023, we will develop an NFT-based user ranking system following our Sing NFT feature within 2023 and we also plan to link to global marketplaces so that our users can trade the NFTs they mint in SOMESING platform.

Apart from this, we have been trying to collaborate with various external partners such as an AI company and a metaverse company to build a ‘Singverse(Sing + Universe)’ where everyone can be connected by music. Please keep your eyes on SOMESING and be a part of our journey!

Q5) How do you envision SOMESING contributing to the future of the music industry?

Answer) Envisioning the future of the music industry with SOMESING holds the potential to bring several transformative contributions to the music industry.

1. Empowering Independent Artists: SOMESING can become a platform that empowers independent musicians and singers. By providing a global stage for them to showcase their talent, independent artists can gain exposure, build a fanbase, and potentially attract industry attention. This democratization of music distribution can level the playing field for aspiring artists who may not have had access to traditional music platforms before.

2. Collaborative Creativity: SOMESING’s social nature encourages collaboration among musicians and singers worldwide. Artists can collaborate on cover songs, original compositions, and remixes, fostering a rich and dynamic creative environment. This collaborative approach can lead to the emergence of new music trends and styles, encouraging experimentation and innovation.

3. Transparent Royalty System: Blockchain technology enables transparent and immutable record-keeping of transactions. As a result, SOMESING could provide a fair and transparent royalty system for artists. This feature could address some of the long-standing issues of transparency and accountability in the music industry, ensuring that artists receive appropriate compensation for their work.

4. Monetization Opportunities: SOMESING’s incentive mechanisms, potentially powered by blockchain-based tokens, could create monetization opportunities for artists. Users who contribute valuable content and engage actively on the platform may earn rewards in the form of tokens, which could have real-world value. This system could help artists generate income directly from their music and interactions with fans.

5. Enhanced Music Engagement: Karaoke has always been a popular form of entertainment, and SOMESING’s social karaoke experience could enhance music engagement even further. Users can connect with friends, family, and fans through shared music performances, fostering a stronger sense of community and interactivity around music.

6. Impact on Music Consumption: The collaborative and participatory nature of SOMESING might change how people consume music. Instead of merely passively listening, users could actively engage with songs, personalize their renditions, and feel a deeper connection to the music they love.

Q6) Are there any specific challenges or obstacles that you have encountered while building a web3-based music platform like SOMESING?

Since Web 3.0 is a form of decentralized web where users are not dependent on platforms such as data, personal information, etc., and are owned and protected by individuals, you won’t be able to talk about it without blockchain when talking about Web 3.0.

The biggest challenge for projects pursuing Web3 services, including SOMESING, is probably how much users in the ecosystem understand blockchain or whether blockchain technology is not a hurdle in using the service.

Since the launch of the blockchain version of the service, SOMESING has been trying to design user-friendly and user-centered UI/UX to prevent blockchain from becoming an obstacle for users to enjoy the service.

In addition, over the past 3.5 years, we have been trying to minimize these obstacles by educating users about the elements of blockchain technology applied to SOMESING through community channels so that they can understand blockchain little by little.

Q7) Are there any communities that users can join? If so, can you please let us know how to join?

Yes. We have been managing various community channels. Please refer to the links below and follow us for any up-to-date information.









Q8) Are there any collaborations or partnerships that SOMESING has engaged in to enhance its offerings?

To date, SOMESING has been conducting successful events through collaboration with various artists, entertainment agencies, and external partners. Here are some representative examples.

1. A project to overcome COVID-19, Singing@Home event: A duet singing event was held for the entire nation in collaboration with 15 artists representing Korea for the purpose of donating to children suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the link below for details.

2. Using the audition feature provided by SOMESING, we collaborated to produce ‘Hidden Singer 7’, a legendary Korean music entertainment program. A talented user of SOMESING was also selected to advance to the final round of the TV show. Please refer to the link below for details.

Apart from the above, we have also launched De-Fi products that can benefit holders in collaboration with ‘Neopin’ and ‘Galaxia’ projects using SSX, a utility token of SOMESING.

Q9) Do you have any comments before finishing the AMA?

We are always proud of being the 1st blockchain-based karaoke application in the world and being different from other existing services.

We plan to implement various activities to expand the user’s experience and enhance the user’s convenience in the future. Since we are open to everybody, you can download SOMESING on both iOS and AOS stores and we want all of you to enjoy singing at SOMESING and mingle with new friends.

*SOMESING Download Link:

We look forward to your great support and interest in our journey to grow into a global top-tier blockchain project and would like to invite all of you to our new Web 3.0 world! Thank you! 🙏🙏