SOMESING(SSX) is to collaborate with ‘Hidden Singer7’, a legendary Korean variety-music TV Show!

3 min readJul 15, 2022
  • Recruiting talented singers through the audition page in the SOMESING app by mid-October

Emel Ventures, which operates SOMESING, a singing content platform, is recruiting talented singers who want to participate in “Hidden Singer 7” by utilizing the audition features in the service.

[SOMESING X Hidden Singer7 Event Poster, by SOMESING]

Hidden Singer is a legendary Korean variety-music TV program broadcast on JTBC. The mechanics are a famous singer and several of their impersonators sing one measure of a song behind the blinds for four rounds. In the first three rounds, an audience of 100 people vote on the person who they think is not the real singer, the person with the most votes would be eliminated. In the final round, the audience votes on who they think is the real singer, the person with the most votes would win the episode. The program is hosted by Jun Hyun-moo, a famous MC in Korea.

After around three years of hiatus, since the fourth season’s end, the program began its fifth season by airing a ‘Comeback Special’ episode on June 10, 2018; the regular episodes air starting from June 17, 2018. A sixth season has been confirmed after two years, starting with a ‘Comeback Special’ episode that aired on July 31, 2020. Hidden Singer7, which will return in two years in the second half of 2022, began recruiting talented impersonators in earnest by releasing teaser videos of original singers in late May.

The partnership between SOMESING and ‘Hidden Singer7’ was triggered by an inquiry by the producers of ‘Hidden Singer7’ about whether they could recruit talented SOMESING users. “The Hidden Singer 7’s staff asked me about recruiting impersonators for the program, and I suggested a way to recruit talented singers using SOMESING’s mobile audition solution, and the production officials who considered it positive accepted the proposal” said Jason, marketing director at SOMESING.

Regarding the partnership, Heuibae Kim, CEO of SOMESING, recalled, “Before the development of SOMESING, I was in charge of operating other karaoke app services and had a good experience of having a huge number of new users flowing into the service through virtual advertisements by collaborating with ‘Hidden Singer Season 3’.”

He also said, “It is expected that SOMESING’s audition menu will be greatly activated through a partnership with ‘Hidden Singer7’, Korea’s leading music entertainment program. In addition, a lot of new users are expected to flow into the service through SOMESING’s virtual advertisement and impersonator recruitment notice, which will be shown to viewers through the ‘Hidden Singer 7’ broadcast. We sincerely hope that talented Korean singers will apply for ‘Hidden Singer 7’ through SOMESING’s audition page and achieve their dreams, and we will make efforts to cooperate with more public participatory music programs in the future”.

The recruitment of applicants for ‘Hidden Singer 7’ through SOMESING auditions will run until mid-October, and details of the application can be found on the notice in the SOMESING app, SOMESING’s official SNS channel, and JTBC’s ‘Hidden Singer 7’ official website.

More information on the Hidden Singer program can be found through the link below.