SOMESING Partnership MOU with ContentBox

4 min readMar 21, 2019

SOMESING Partnership MOU with ContentBox

As we promise, we will bring you the best of service that we can provide. Thank you for being a part of our Pre-sale round 1 and for your support on our IEO. Today, SOMESING is proudly to inform you that SOMESING Signs Strategic Partnership MOU with ContentBox, the largest distributor of global audio content in Korea.

Let’s open the black box on Content Box!

Contentbox is a Blockchain Infrastructure For The Digital
Content Industry.
• Digital Content Blockchain Platform

Global blockchain platform for the digital content industry — 17 million users and growing
• The New Era for Digital Content

A decentralized solution to outperform Netflix and YouTube pioneers
• Top Growth Token Backed by 108 of the world’s top crypto funds


Two Companies in one partnership!

SOMESING, a social music network service app, announced on Feb. 15 that it has signed a strategic partnership MOU with ContentBox, the largest distributor of global audio content in Korea.

The architecture of the SOMESING reward system is based on the content created by users of the social music service, and provides rewards fairly to its users based on their contribution level and popularity of the content created.

ContentBox is a reverse-service that combines blockchain and CASTBOX, the world’s most popular mobile audio platform with 95 million digital audio content items and 20 million users.

The service provides In Audio search function, which allows users to enjoy a variety of songs in an approachable format.

Podcast Platform Castbox Launches Blockchain Project to Reward Creators


Castbox (, an award-winning global podcast platform co-founded by former Google employee Renee Wang, today announced the launch of ContentBox (, a blockchain-based infrastructure for the decentralized digital content industry. Additionally, legendary blockchain investor Bo Shen, founder of Fenbushi Capital and an early adopter of Ethereum, announced that he has joined the ContentBox team as a strategic advisor and cornerstone investor.

Castbox’s foray into blockchain follows the company’s launch of its proprietary in-audio search and personalized recommendation technology powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Castbox is the fastest-growing and highest-rated audio app on Android and iOS, with over 16 million users in 175 countries. Since its inception, Castbox has raised $29.5 million from top venture capital firms, including IDG, SIG China, ZhenFund, and Qiming Venture Partners.

“The digital media industry was built on the principles of inclusivity but it’s become too top heavy to support the independent publishers and creators that continue to pour their heart and soul into their work,” said Contentbox CEO Renee Wang. “By leveraging this emerging technology, we’re able to level the playing field with the ideology that all content should be fairly and openly distributed and rewarded regardless of who created it.”

Castbox is an award-winning global podcast platform that enables anyone to easily find, access, create and enjoy spoken audio content. Castbox gives users access to endless content in multiple languages, anywhere, through any device. Castbox’s proprietary technology includes features like curated podcast recommendations and in-audio deep search to customize the listening experience.

This partnership will ease for us to reach our goal!

Our CEO, Kim Heui-bae, expressed his high expectations for the collaboration, saying it would provide bigger opportunities and utility for users of SOMESING by exposing the songs and content they create to global users.

SOMESING to the Mars!

Justin Bieber — ‘Love Yourself’

Just how we bring you the hand-carry-karaoke, is also the way we bring you this awesome news!

Our IEO already ended. Thank you for being a part of this. We’ll do the 2nd round that to be announced soon along with our TOKEN PRESALE ROUND 2. Just stay tuned.

We are also invited you, your family, friends, husband, wife and don’t forget your exes (you know its a joke) to be one of our Singer and be famous here at SOMESING!

Simply Download our beta app.

SOMESING journey is on the way to the mars! You must wear your seat belts! Stay on our pages and get ready for taking off.

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