‘SOMESING’ looking for singers from its users to produce the OST album of “Stairway of Time,” a popular webtoon

- Recruitment of male & female vocalists through SOMESING as the goal of releasing music in the first half of 2021

- Professional vocal training to be offered and the OST music to be officially released through various channels

- Will be a great opportunity for talented users who have dreamed of becoming artists

Klaytn mainnet-based social karaoke app, SOMESING will begin recruiting singers from its users to produce OST album for the global popular digital IP “Stairway of Time” webtoon owned by Dasan Books.

SOMESING announced in early March that it would invest jointly with Dasan Books to start producing music for the ‘Stairway of Time’ OST album. The OST album will consist of a total of five songs based on the theme of the main character and story of the work, and as Knockdown Entertainment’s music production is in its final stages, SOMESING plans to recruit talented male and female singers to participate in the OST album. In addition, the OST album will also feature famous Korean artists with outstanding singing skills, and the final songs will be distributed to the global music market through professional music distributors with long-standing know-how and broad networks in the industry.

Park Jun-Hyun, CEO of Knockdown Entertainment, who led the album’s music production, said, “In order to maximize the feeling of the main theme and the story of the main characters, I have studied the original works countless times and referred to the music production. I’m looking forward to producing a complete song with a singer who has the best voice for each song. He also mentioned, “I hope that OST songs of ‘Stairway of Time’, a well-made IP, will be widely known in the global market, amid the recent popular webtoon OST.”

Kim Heui-Bae, CEO of SOMESING, said, “We are happy to carry out a meaningful project for SOMESING users based on Dasan Books’ global IP. We hope that this OST album project will be a good opportunity for those who have always dreamed of becoming artists and many users of SOMESING who had to give up their dreams.” He also added, “Starting with the ‘Stairway of Time’ OST album, we will continue to jointly plan various projects using Dasan Books’ IP”.

The recruitment of singers for the “Stairway of Time” OST album will be conducted through the “Festival” menu on the SOMESING platform, and applicants can participate by joining the festival after singing the songs designated for male and female participants.

It will run for 12 days from April 14 to April 25, and the final results will be announced on May 18. For more information, refer to the official SOMESING blog and announcement in the app.