SOMESING-Dasan Books-Knockdown Entertainment started producing OST of ‘Stairway of Time’, a popular webtoon

● A joint project in which OST songs of ‘Stairway of Time’ webtoon will be produced, with the aim of releasing music within the first half of 2021

● plans to recruit and select OST singers from the public and SOMESING users by utilizing SOMESING’s mobile-based audition solution

Blockchain-based social karaoke app SOMESING has launched a full-fledged OST music production work based on a joint business agreement between four companies for a popular webtoon OST music production project announced on January 26.

SOMESING will actively cooperate with its partners to develop OST music for the popular digital IP “Stairway of Time” webtoon owned by Dasan Books, a comprehensive content company in Korea.

SOMESING will jointly invest with Dasan Books to produce the OST of ‘Stairway of Time’. Dasan Books provides IP for its popular web novels and webtoons, while SOMESING provides a mobile audition platform for recruiting and selecting talented singers from those who love singing. In addition, music planning and production will be handled by Knockdown Entertainment to provide the collaborative partners’ music production capabilities to the project.

Through this collaboration, the three companies are planning to make various IPs of Dasan Books into popular OSTs, following the OST of ‘Stairway of Time’.

[Poster of ‘Stairway of Time’ Webtoon, by Dasan Books]

The ‘Stairway of Time’ OST album consists of a total of 5 songs and is based on themes about the main characters and stories of the work. Currently, the production of the OST songs has begun and aims to release them sequentially in the first half of 2021. SOMESING, Dasan Books, and Knockdown Entertainment will soon begin casting singers. Recently, famous Korean artist ‘JunggiGo’ has been confirmed to participate as a duet singer for the project, and discussions on collaboration with professional artists such as a number of talented composers and singers are underway.

In particular, SOMESING plans to recruit and select talented singers from the general public by actively utilizing the audition platform within the social karaoke app that it has been operating.

Recently, OST songs based on popular webtoons have taken over the charts of Korean music sites, and webtoon OSTs are booming. However, joint business projects involving an IP-owned company, an entertainment company, and a content platform operator are a rare attempt in the industry.

Meanwhile, ‘Stairway of Time’ is a work that advocates a mystery romance genre, and deals with the tense struggle of a heroine who travels through her alma mater’s stairs to save her dead boyfriend as she solves the past events left by her wounds.

Since ‘Stairway of Time’ is well-made IP, both novels and webtoons have a diverse fan base, we will continue to invest in Dasan Books’ various web novels and webtoon IPs in cooperation with our partners so that the work can be widely introduced in the global market,” said Seo Dae-Jin, head of Digital Business Unit at Dasan Books.