SOMESING, blockchain-based social karaoke app, signed a strategic partnership with Ditto Music, a global online music distributor

-. Following Line Blockchain-based Japan-oriented service, SOMESING started a full-fledged global expansion

-. Mutual win-win strategies for SOMESING’s global expansion and Ditto’s entry into the Korean and Asian markets

SOMESING, a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain social karaoke platform, has signed a strategic partnership with Ditto Music Pte. Ltd, to enter the global market targeting the nearby European market, including the UK.

Singapore-based Ditto Music Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of Ditto Music in the UK, provides Opulous, a blockchain-based De-Fi service that allows musicians who are not easy to borrow from traditional financial institutions to obtain loans with copyright collateral.

Founded in Liverpool, England in 2005, Ditto Music, which currently operates 22 branches in 19 countries, has an online music distribution platform that distributes and promotes music to 160 digital music stores around the world, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Apple Music. To date, more than $900 million in music usage has been processed through Ditto Music’s platform.

More than 250K artists, including British pop singer Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, and famous American rapper Chance The Rapper, have been distributing the music using Ditto Music’s services.

Through this strategic partnership, independent Korean artists selected from SOMESING will be able to finance their album production and activities through Opulous in the future and be provided an opportunity to distribute their music globally through Ditto Music. Also, various promotions will be made to promote SOMESING to famous musicians of Ditto Music and users around the world.

Regarding this strategic partnership with Ditto Music, Kim Heui-Bae, a CEO of SOMESING, said, “I am very pleased to make our initial step to promote SOMESING to more users in the UK and neighboring European countries through close cooperation with Ditto Music.”

Lee Parsons, a founder of Ditto Music as well as a CEO of Ditto Music Pte.Ltd, said, “I visited SOMESING’s office and met the team when I visited Korea a year ago and has been watching with great interest since the initial meeting. During the Covid-19’s global pandemic period, SOMESING has explosively grown, providing comfort and pleasure to many users who love music. Through this partnership, we will promote SOMESING through Ditto’s SNS networks so that it can give this happiness to global users such as Europe and the United States, and actively support Korean talented musicians to enter the global market.”