SOMESING, a blockchain-based social karaoke DApp, has signed a business agreement with Skelter Labs to upgrade its service through the adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology

-. Plans to implement differentiated, personalized services using AI solutions…

-. Aims to expand users’ experience by recommending hyper-personalized music contents…

SOMESING, a Klaytn blockchain mainnet-based social karaoke app, announced that it has signed a business agreement with Skelter Labs, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology company in Korea to upgrade its services.

Skelter Labs is a technology company consisting of a group of specialist engineers who have long-standing experiences in artificial intelligence and IT, including Cho Won-kyu, a former CEO of the R&D section at Google Korea, and Ahn Hyun-deok, a former CEO of Dialpad Communications, who developed the world’s first Internet phone. It provides the core technologies of innovative interactive AI, voice AI and personalized AI, represented by the ‘AIQ’ series as well as provides business-tailored solutions by combining its core technologies. In particular, it holds an unbeatable development team and based on its unique technology, it was also placed No1. in the Machine Reading Comprehension, MRC (KorQuAD 1.0 & KorQuAD 2.0) in 2020. The goal of this agreement between the two companies is to adopt AIQ, Skelter Labs’ personalized AI solution to SOMESING to introduce automated recommendation and prediction systems in SOMESING and to provide real-time behavior and intentional customized content to users of SOMESING.

Skelter Labs successfully attracted 17.7 billion KRW worth of Series B investment from a new investment consortium including KDB Industrial Bank, KDB Capital, and Korea Investment & Securities as well as its existing investors in August 2020. To sum up, it has attracted 27.7 billion KRW investment in total to date to secure systems, upgrade AI technology, R&D capabilities, and is expanding into a global business. Recently, it has been expanding its business in many ways, including signing a business agreement with Sendbird, a global messaging platform company, to provide high-performance, interactive AI-based integrated solutions, and establishing a joint venture with Mega Study Group in Korea for developing AI-based educational content and services.

Regarding this agreement, Kim Heui-bae, CEO of SOMESING, said, “SOMESING has included artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the business roadmap, considering the advancement to customized services optimized for individual users from the early stages of development and service launch. Recently, we achieved over 700K downloads, and more than our 400K registered users are singing over 15K songs a day, and more than 1.5K songs are actively shared among users through the platform”. “In a situation where it is practically impossible to check the contents of thousands of different genres of songs posted on the platform, AI technology aims to maximize user experience satisfaction by providing content optimized for each user’s taste based on in-service activity data. The recommendation of hyper-personalized content provided by Netflix is the final goal that SOMESING wants to pursue through a business agreement with Skelter Labs” he said, explaining the background of this agreement.

Choi Hee-seok, director of SOMESING’s product planning, said, “We have discussed with Skelter Labs on ways to provide a differentiated user experience by incorporating Skelter Labs’ AI solutions into SOMESING services and have recently agreed on a step-by-step upgrade plan.”

“Starting with [Step 1: Personalization Recommendation], which recommends content that suits users’ tastes based on the data provided to SOMESING, it will upgrade to [Step 2: Hyper-Personalization Recommendation] that recommends moment-based customized content to users based on the situations users face such as weather, location, and social media.

Finally, we want to establish a [Step 3: Advanced Content Curation] system that categorizes high-quality content through content analysis through AI and breaks down content types according to various models,” he said, explaining SOMESING’s plans for upgrading in the future.

Meanwhile, SOMESING has signed a strategic partnership with Ditto Music, a UK-based global online music distributor, to lay the foundation for promoting SOMESING to users in the UK and neighboring European countries, where K-POP and Hallyu are in full swing.