Singing Content Platform SOMESING, completed an additional patent registration for ‘Sing Clip’, a short-form content creating feature

  • Additional intellectual property registration for new development technologies is also to be carried out

Emel Ventures, the operator of the blockchain-based Singing Content Platform SOMESING, proudly announces that it has completed a new patent registration for [A method to provide ‘Sing Clip’ in karaoke applications running on the server system] (hereinafter referred to as ‘Sing Clip’). It is the 4th patent registration followed by its 3 patents such as ‘Duet Singing provide Method and System in Karaoke Application’, ‘Point Distribution Method and System in the Karaoke Application’, and ‘Point Management Method and System in the Karaoke Application using Blockchain Network’ that were patented in 2021.

[Sing Clip UI , by SOMESING]

The newly patented “Sing Clip” feature was developed as one of the new features included in the 1.9.0 version of the SOMESING app updated on July 26 2021 to meet the needs of MZ generation users who have become a major customer base for mobile services.

Users (a.k.a ‘Creators’) who create a cover song content on SOMESING platform can sing in a video format and utilize the ‘Creating Sing Clip’ feature provided in the app to produce a 15-second-long short-form highlight video and post it on the Sing Clip page of the platform. In addition, the Sing Clip feature supports the creation of short-form content using video content whose posting period has already ended. The created short-form contents can be easily appreciated through the Sing Clip button located at the bottom of the ‘Feed’ menu. While listening to short-form content, creators can be cheered with the ‘Like’ feature, and on the page that can be entered through the “Enjoy the full song” button, listeners can leave comments and send SSX tokens for the content they like.

“We are happy that patent registration for the newly developed key technology of SOMESING” said Kim Heuibae, CEO of SOMESING. “We will also make additional efforts to secure intellectual property rights for the newly launched core functions through a 2.2.0 version update” he added.

SOMESING recently completed the new listing of SSX tokens on the LBank exchange as part of its global expansion and also partnered with blockchain development company ‘Ozys’ as part of mutual cooperation to revitalize the De-Fi ecosystem linked to the Klaytn network and KLAYswap.



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