Partnership announcement between SOMESING & AXIS

SOMESING is pleased to announce its partnership agreement with AXIS.

AXIS is a creative content platform that produces and distributes advertisements, webtoons, exhibitions, and more. Since 2018, the company has focused on the establishment of its music label. AXIS has a subsidiary known as ALLIES, which brings together an array of artist managers, agents, and production experts in order to create a range of entertainment-geared cultural products. Founded by Shin Seong-jin (SINXITY) — who served as Creative Director at YG Entertainment for 10 years — AXIS continues to grow as it aims to produce globally-recognized artists and idols following a major investment from NAVER.

As of 2022, AXIS’ new subsidiaries — the U.S.-based PRISM.ER and INC — are set to launch South Korea’s first Web3 music society titled “PRISM INVADERS,” which brings together blockchain, token economics, NFTs, and the music industry.​

Through this partnership, SOMESING and AXIS will be working closely for the followings.

1)Mutual cooperation for using contents creation and IP Brand of AXIS

2)Mutual cooperation for content partnership business

3)Mutual cooperation between the two companies through their technologies and networks

Your ongoing support and interest would be appreciated. Please stay tuned!




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