Online Music: Exciting Development

There is a saying that music can never be bound by any manmade obstructions. Today as we can see, the saying is almost true, if not completely true. For over 10 years, the market for purchasing, and receiving free rights to download and listen to online music has been bullish. The reason for this could basically because with only a few mouse clicks or tap on the phone, anyone can start listening to their favorite songs, from their favorite artists. Hence, the possibility to choose from any given genre of music are immense. Another reason for the bullish market could be because the music gets to your earphones without any form of market created partiality.

There are resources available on the internet today that will allow you download, record or listen to music online to simply start having a good time. Applications and sites with huge databases of songs have been offering downloads for years now and you still can. Another beautiful development is the introduction of online radio. Online radio is digital audio service transmitted via the internet.

However, among all this brilliant development is one that has brought about a radical change in online music technology. The development is the integration of blockchain technology with social music. The integration of blockchain with social music/online music has brought about a positive difference in the way online music services are being delivered making it decentralized.

SOMESING is the first blockchain based social music app that allows users to listen to and create music anywhere, and anytime globally. For those intending to begin their music profession, SOMESING is the number one go to app for them because of the range of benefits they stand to get:

✓ Access to all the services rendered by SOMESING for FREE without having to pay a onetime subscription fee.

✓ Studio quality sound system.

✓ A wide range of audience to listen to their songs.

✓ Marketing of their songs being handled by SOMESING. They don’t really have to market their songs themselves.

✓ Reward for their hard work and creativity.

Eliminating middlemen.

SOMESING has taken a decent note of how difficult it is for new and upcoming music artists to make it in the music world. This is one of the reasons why SOMESING have taken a lead to take it upon themselves to make sure that every music creator or singer that uses the SOMESING app will be given opportunity. This made possible as users are rewarded for the songs they created, and listener are rewarded same way. Through decentralization, music will be available to all application users, making exposure of your uploaded song easy and wide. Listening to music and creating music has never been this easy and rewarding.

SOMESING also eliminates middlemen, allowing listeners and artist have a Peer-2-Peer relationship. Listeners will have direct access to their favorite artists, while artists will also have access to their fans. This will create a cordial relationship between an artist and his listeners that will helping him to know what their fans liked.

Music is not just an entertainment, it is an art and considered essential to life. That is why at SOMESING, we take the business of music seriously. We decided to improve the way the service of music is being rendered. We believe that everyone that loves the art of music should have access to it whenever they wish to.

In summary, the world of music has been witnessing new developments, and the boom of internet broadcasting demonstrates how fast the developments are. But one thing for sure is that the development of music has only just began, especially with the integration of blockchain to social music brought about by SOMESING. The world of music is about to witness a great development.