Notice regarding the error of SSX circulating supply information on Xangle and exchanges

2 min readFeb 2, 2024

Dear Community members,

We would like to inform you of the main reason and our action plan for the situation in which SSX’s circulating supply information is displayed differently from the actual circulating supply volume on Xangle and Exchange’s website.

1. The reason for the error in the information of the SSX circulating supply indicated in the Xangle and exchange

The SOMESING team is in the process of organizing the foundation’s wallets to reflect the reality of SSX’s actual circulating supply plan including the volume that was unexpectedly circulated due to a recent hacking incident and submitted an updated circulating supply plan to Xangle and will keep the plan accordingly. The amount of SSX moved to KODA’s wallet today should be calculated as the non-circulating amount, but since the current Xangle’s Live Watch is operated based on the circulating supply plan before the SSX hacking incident occurred and the foundation’s previous wallet address, the above amount is incorrectly recognized as the circulating supply amount and is now being displayed on the relevant pages within the Xangle and Exchange’s website. Please note that as of February 2, 2024, the actual circulating supply of SSX is 3,598,246,762 SSX.

2. Action plan to rectify the error of the circulating supply information

Please understand that it may take some time for wallets that exactly match the updated circulating supply plan to be applied to the Live Watch. The Xangle team will apply the updated circulating supply plan to Live Watch within the next week to convert the current real-time circulating supply monitoring status of ‘Pending’ to ‘Normal’ status, and after the transition to ‘Normal’ status, the actual circulating supply plan of SSX will also be guided through LiveWatch normally. Please refer to the following event report published by the Xangle team today, and the SOMESING team will do its best to resume accurate monitoring of SSX circulating supply through Live Watch as soon as possible.

Xangle event report:

Thank you,