[Notice of Change in Service Operations Policy]

2 min readApr 5, 2022


Dear SOMESING users,

Please be noted that the service operation policy in the SOMESING app will be changed as follows.

1. Background of service operation policy changes

1) Strengthen reward for content creators in the SOMESING ecosystem

2) Significant increase of transaction fees on Klaytn blockchain network

(Approximately 30 times increase compared to the previous one)

(Remark. Notice on Klaytn’s Official site


3) Response at the service provider level following the enforcement of the Act on Reporting and Utilization of Specific Financial Transaction Information, etc.

2. Change in reward ratio for content

* The above reward ratio is based on the total amount accumulated through support/gifts for the content during the posting period.

* The changed reward ratio will be applied collectively from content posted after completion of the v.2.2.1 (for both Android & iOS) update scheduled for April 6, 2022. (The update schedule may be partially adjusted depending on the policy of either the App Store or Google Play Store)

* The above-changed reward ratio (60% for users: 40% for platform & ecosystem support) applies equally to the content that received the gift+.

3. Remarks

- Regardless of the increase of the Klaytn network transaction fee, please be informed that there is no additional fee charged to SOMESING users for internal transactions except withdrawals.

- We will inform you of various separate reward policies for supporters through a separate notice as soon as they are confirmed.

- Events and benefits to revitalize the ecosystem in the SOMESING app will be carried out more diversely. Your continued interest and participation would be highly appreciated.

- Additional changes may occur depending on the situation as a measure following the increase in transaction fees of the blockchain network. If any changes occur, we will notify you later.

Thank you,