New use case of SOMESING’s mobile-based ‘Audition Solution’

1 min readJun 21, 2022

SOMESING(SSX) team is pleased to inform all of its supporters that it has become an official app for the successful hosting of the ‘2022 Mokpo Music Play’, a nationwide singing contest in Korea, and active recruitment of participants for the event.

[Event PR poster, by SOMESING]

More details regarding the event are as below.

1. Name of event: ‘2022 Mokpo Music Play’ Nationwide Singing Contest

2. Hosted by: Mokpo City, South Korea

3. Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & Jeonnam Province, Korea

4. Participant recruitment period: June 01, 2022~August 19, 2022

5. Apply for the participation: via official Naver e-mail or via the audition menu on the SOMESING app

※ About 2022 Mokpo Music Play

Under the slogan ‘Start again by the song’, the ‘2022 Mokpo Music Play’ will be hosted by Mokpo City, and it is a contest that any Korean who loves songs can participate in, and it is a nationwide event for people to re-start through songs, leaving behind the pain and sadness caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep staying with the SOMESING team as we plan to expand its use case of the mobile audition solution for more user acquisition.