New use case of SOMESING’s mobile-based ‘Audition Solution’

SOMESING(SSX) team is pleased to inform all of its supporters that it has become an official app for the successful hosting of the ‘2022 Mokpo Music Play’, a nationwide singing contest in Korea, and active recruitment of participants for the event.

[Event PR poster, by SOMESING]

More details regarding the event are as below.

1. Name of event: ‘2022 Mokpo Music Play’ Nationwide Singing Contest

2. Hosted by: Mokpo City, South Korea

3. Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism & Jeonnam Province, Korea

4. Participant recruitment period: June 01, 2022~August 19, 2022

5. Apply for the participation: via official Naver e-mail or via the audition menu on the SOMESING app

※ About 2022 Mokpo Music Play

Under the slogan ‘Start again by the song’, the ‘2022 Mokpo Music Play’ will be hosted by Mokpo City, and it is a contest that any Korean who loves songs can participate in, and it is a nationwide event for people to re-start through songs, leaving behind the pain and sadness caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep staying with the SOMESING team as we plan to expand its use case of the mobile audition solution for more user acquisition.




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