New Update of SOMESING App, v.2.7.0!

5 min readFeb 26, 2024

Dear beloved SOMESING Supporters,

It has already been some time since the beginning of the new year, 2024. We hope each of you had a strong start to the new year. We want to inform the community about some critical updates regarding the development roadmap of SOMESING.

Our team has been dedicated to achieving the roadmap announced through official channels on December 22, 2023. We have continued to work diligently in the new year. As of today, we are excited to unveil the first stage of the NFT-based user-level system through the v.2.7.0 update on February 26, 2024.

As mentioned in the previous announcement, SOMESING broadly caters to two main groups as a singing content platform: Content Creators and Content Consumers (Fans). Within the upcoming update, users will become eligible to earn various badges based on their activity and contribution within the platform, aligning with their service preferences. By granting more significant rewards to users who acquire top-tier NFT badges, we aim to strengthen user loyalty to the SOMESING ecosystem through the essence of the NFT-based ranking service.

[SOMESING’s Badge System Structure]

Users can accomplish various stages of the mission sets within the SOMESING ecosystem to collect a range of ‘Mission Badges.’ These badges are divided into four categories, and users can continuously challenge themselves to acquire each ‘Master Badge.’ Those who collect all four Master Badges within a given year will be awarded ‘Grand Master,’ the prestigious NFT badge, proving their top-tier status. Grand Master badge holders will receive corresponding significant rewards. The top-tier rewards will be announced again soon.

In this update, we prioritize releasing the ‘Master Singer’ badge among one of the Master Badges, which is relatively easily attainable for content creators on SOMESING. Please note that the remaining three Master Badges will be unveiled sequentially in the future.

For more detailed information on the four Mission Badges required to obtain the Master Singer, and the specific sub-missions needed for each Mission Badge, please refer to the details below.

■ Note: The item mentioned in the details as ‘MIC’ is an in-app purchasable commodity in the SOMESING service, holding a fixed value of 1MIC = 100 KRW. When used for posting or content sponsorship within the app, it will automatically convert to SSX tokens based on the current SSX token exchange rate.

Mission Badge 1: Mic Maestro

[Mission Badge 1: MIC Maestro]

1. Badge Requirements

Users who have posted (publicly shared) a total of 50 or more content (including solo, duet invite, duet completed song, and duet mix), regardless of whether they are voice or video content.

2. Rewards for Sub-Mission Accomplishments

* Each sub-mission is rewarded on a cumulative basis

1) 1 MIC for 5 posted contents

2) 5 MICs for 20 posted contents

3) 10 MICs for 50 posted contents

Users who achieve 50 postings will be awarded the ‘Mic Maestro’ mission badge with a total of 16 MICs as a reward for their contribution to the ecosystem.

Mission Badge 2: Hit Maker

[Mission Badge 2: Hit Maker]

1. Badge Requirements

Users with 30 or more Popular Postings.

* Note: Popular Posting is defined as any posted content that has received 30 or more Likes and at least 3 Recommendations from other users.

2. Rewards for Sub-Mission Accomplishments

* Each sub-mission is rewarded on a cumulative basis

1) 1 MIC for 1 Popular Posting

2) 3 MICs for 10 Popular Postings

3) 5 MICs for 30 Popular Postings

Users who achieve 30 Popular Postings will be awarded the ‘Hit Maker’ mission badge with a total of 9 MICs for their contribution to the ecosystem.

Mission Badge 3: Best Song Buddy

[Mission Badge 3: Best Song Buddy]

1. Badge Requirements

Users whose Duet Invites are selected and result in the posting of 30 or more Duet completed songs by other users will be awarded. However, duets completed with their own Duet Invites will be excluded from the count, as well as Duet Mix postings.

2. Rewards for Sub-Mission Accomplishments

* Each sub-mission is rewarded on a cumulative basis

1) 1 MIC for 10 posted Duet Completed Songs

2) 5 MICs for 30 posted Duet Completed Songs

Users who have 30 or more Duet Completed songs posted by other users as a result of their Duet Invites being selected will be awarded the ‘Best Song Buddy’ mission badge, with a total of 6 MICs for their contribution to the ecosystem.

Mission Badge 4: SOMESING Pick

[Mission Badge 4: SOMESING Pick]

1. Badge Requirements

All users are eligible for ‘SOMESING Pick’ nomination. As SOMESING Pick is nominated by the recommendations of other SOMESING users, we encourage users to post fun, entertaining, and high-quality content that can elicit a higher chance of getting picked. Our team constantly receives recommendations within the platform. SOMESING Pick is featured three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) on the Discover menu within the app. Users selected for SOMESING Pick will be rewarded with both a badge and 10 MICs at the same time.

In conclusion to the detailed announcement for the Master Singer badge, we look forward to your anticipation of the upcoming release of the other three Master Badge systems. We will provide specific guidance on the reward program for users who obtain Master Badges and a ‘Grand Master’ badge in the future announcement.

Songfully Yours,