Inside SOMESING; Solid and Topnotch Team!

Inside SOMESING; Solid and Topnotch Team!

For most people living, in general, can get quite busy when it comes to keeping up with daily responsibilities and expectations.

SOMESING Meetup; lecture, Q & A session [from left, Oh Hyun-seok(Deblock CEO), Yoon Hyun-keun(SOMESING COO), Kim Heui-bae(SOMESING CEO), Choi Hee-won(Pivotal Labs Tokyo Associate Director)]

It’s natural for anyone to feel a little down from time to time, but if you have responsibilities, you have to take care of it, so the people who trust you and your company will never get disappointed, and that is what we are doing here at SOMESING. Working 24/7 for a better result, working 24/7 for a better product, working 24/7 so we’ll never lose your trust. We work together towards a common goal, Celebrates small victories along the way and This is how we value your support, how we show how strong and dedicated team you have in SOMESING. We led by a confident and charismatic leader. And every time we hit a home-run, we cheer and high-fives, knowing we’ve reached that success together.

Have you ever seen the most engaged and strongest team in the world? Well, meet the people behind SOMESING, and know who are the people you are investing in.

CEO & Founder Kim Heuibae

After working with Reakosys(3D solutions company) and HI(Japanese JASDAQ listed company), Mr. Heuibae brings his over 8 years of experience to SOMESING. Since the creation of a karaoke app called Karuso as a casual opportunity since 2013, he has been running the karaoke application service SOMESING as a paid service. He has collected over 200,000 users without any marketing, but he realized that to activate the karaoke app, free service, and user-oriented compensation design are needed.

“I thought that using blockchain could make things easier for the user and if we did a good job creating the ecosystem with tokens, we could create a service where users stake rather than pay fees.”

He majored in Computer Engineering at Hongik Univ. He has built up a SOMESING team and leads the team based on various business experiences and online app service experience. Mr. Kim travels around the world to seek partnership and to develop features of SOMESING.

COO Hyunkeun Yoon

Hyunkeun is a blockchain enthusiast and has been investing in 30 startups projects since 2017. Hyunkeun got serious in SOMESING as he is currently the COO and trying to make a real-life blockchain connecting the blockchain and the real world. He is excellent at driving performance based on thorough analysis and execution. Prior to joining the blockchain field, he worked for 14 years in HR, including Yonhap News, Ssangyong E & C, and LG Fashion, and graduated his MBA from Yonsei Univ. and Univ. of Seoul.

CVO Doug Ahn

Just like Heuibae and Hyunkeun, Doug Ahn brings over a decade of experience in his field. He has co-led at Skelter Labs and oversees the company’s growth, financial operations and business pipelines as Chief Operating Officer. After Doug completed in 1994 his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan, he joined the LG Electronics San Jose office where he managed LGE’s partnerships with Apple Computer and Xerox for its video compression technology. Inspired by the startup and innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley, Doug spent the following years building his own ventures and cutting edge technology including DialPad, one of the first successful VoIP internet services, which was sold to Yahoo! in 2005.

As a skilled entrepreneur, Doug Ahn is the owner and founder of a mobile app development startup, multiple software solutions and IT infrastructure service providing companies.

CSO Kyle Kim

Kyle brings a substantial 15 years experience on blockchain and e-Government consultancy. He started his outstanding career records by working as a S/W engineer for mobile embedded and web-based application system. Then he had implemented consulting projects for e-government system in Korea, Thailand, and Pakistan. He also consulted as a core consultant for several governmental projects for the planning of the blockchain system of Korean government’s agencies such as Seoul Metropolitan Government, National Election Commission, and Korea Customs Service. He had served as a senior consultant at ICONLOOP Inc. before SOMESING project.

CTO Jaehoon Chang

Chang is a sociable techie. He brings 20 years experience to the Dev Team, having worked in various fields such as information security and mobile platform. His extensive experience from having worked in renowned companies such as Sandisk, Infraware, and Btrust enables him to lead and guide the direction of development. As a Blockchain Architect of SOMESING, Chang is confident and open to new challenges.

CBO Junhee Han

Han is a versatile blockchain architect, with 20 years of experience in various fields such as SKT Intelligent Network Service, Mobile Service, and Security Consulting. He also developed and managed the wallet for a major exchange system for Coinzest. With his deep and clear understanding of network, security, and blockchain, Han helps to maximize the performance of himself and the Dev Team. Han majored in Computer Engineering at Hongik University(B.S).

CBDO Taehee Ryu

Ryu is a true fanatic of Business Development. He began his career from Sales Account Manager in Information Technology and has been active in the field for next 16 years, having worked in world-renowned companies such as EMC, Adobe, Pure Storage, and so on. With his extensive network and experience in the field, Ryu leads SOMESING Team as Chief Business Development Officer. Ryu majored in Computer Engineering at Hongik University(B.S).

CPDO Heeseok Choi

He has been a UX planner for the last 12 years. Through dozen of projects at Mo2 Communications & Pentabreed, he has been trying to create a user-centered product on various devices and platforms such as web site, mobile, tablet, and kiosk as planners and product managers. Currently, he is in charge of the SOMESING product team, and it is our highest priority to make users understand and use SOMESING’s products with the blockchain. He is a graduate of the Hongik Univ. majored in Computer Engineering (B.S)”

CGBO Jason Kim

Kim Worked in Business Management Team at Chungbuk Development Corporation, Korea

Worked in Sydney, Australia as a Director of Admin and Marketing at Sydney International English College he also Worked at Sydney International English College Korean Branch and Worked at Castec Korea as a Planning Team Manager & Overseas Sales Manager (including 3yrs experience in Vietnam for investment project management)

Blockchain Developer JunHee Han- Mr. Han is an elaborate blockchain architect. He has almost 20 years experience in various fields such as SKT Intelligent Network Service, Mobile Service, Security Consulting. And He has experience developing & managing Coinzest exchange wallet. Through these experiences, he has a deep & clear understanding of network, security and blockchain. BitorGroup General Manager. He currently works as Chief Blockchain Architect(CBO) at SOMESING. He is a graduate of the Hongik Univ. majored in Computer Engineering (B.S)

Lead Client Developer Seungmi Lee- CEO and Developer of SOFTSEED . She handle the Develop Android Native, iOS Native App and Hybrid App Development.

Lead Server Developer DongWok Shin — Infraware TT Dev. Team

Lead Server Developer Wonil Seo — He is a server design and development specialist and a passionate engineer who has had the experience of designing and developing servers for online games for the last five years. He has various experiences from mobile WEB / WAP browser engine, UI, commercialization and mobile solution development. He currently serves as Senior Server Developer at SOMESING and previously worked for Infraware for 15 years. He has worked for two years in Beijing, led many projects, and excelled in mobile and server optimization designs. He majored in computer engineering at Kyonggi Univ. and earned his master’s degree in Gameware.

Senior Client Developer Eunkyoung Kim- is a Development Team Manager of SOFTSEED. working in Soft Seed Co., Ltd. And Developed iOS Native App.

Senior Client Developer Miju Kim- CFO / Developer of SOFTSEED. Worked at Infraware Co. Work includes Browser engine development Commercial use of browser for domestic / overseas Commercialization of Office Android / iOS UI.

Product Designer Heejun Je- PENTABREED UI/UX Leader

Product Designer KyungKeun Yoon- Hongik-Univ. Master of Design

Communication Manager Kunhee Ko- IMAGINATION PLANT Designer

Communication Manager Dohee Kim- English instructor at MLS

Product Designer Chaeyoon Bae- Designer

UI/UX Designer Sungryung Ko- PENTABREED Platform Designer

Global Biz Manager CLAUDE CHI- The young man is a “professional planner”. He has more than six years of experience in the field of blockchain. He worked in a well-known company including Upbit. He also has strategic planning and marketing experience. He is also an adviser of more than 7 blockchain projects. He is a person who has a big will to draw a bright, hopeful future.

Entertainment Biz. Director , Hyunbo Yoon- KBS Hallyu Investment Partners / COO

Japan Director- Fujisawa Tatsuya- WEZU / CEO. Fujisawa was also a Director at Sdtech Inc Designing, research, consulting, software development, system operation in japan.

Global Biz Manager Choi Young Suk (Jeff)- Aside on his charismatic look, He is also the Founder and COO of Buzzling, a premier marketing firm in Korea. Jeff is a result-oriented marketing consultant, specializing in ICO Brand Building and Blockchain Advisory. He has worked together with 10+ ICOs on Community Branding and Digital Marketing. He studied Finance at New York University Stern School of Business (BS). In his time in college, he represented NYU KISO (Korean International Student Association) as President and led various student campaigns with the Consulate General of Korea in New York. He is still actively affiliated with 52+ Korean Associations across colleges in North America. He is currently on leave of absence from completing his Masters at Johns Hopkins University.

BM Team / Manager Heejung Kim- CTS BM Manager


KJ Eee- KJ is Founder of Nomad Connection and CEO at DAYLI Intelligence. Nomad Connection is the company behind Zimly, a P2P media service with over 3 million users worldwide. KJ was previously software engineer at the SecureSoft team which developed South Korea’s first firewall ‘Suhoshin’ in 1996. KJ holds a BS in Computer Science from from the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH).

Mitsuru Tezuka- CTIA Group(JP,SG,CH,KR)CEO founder. Tezuka served as a sales representative for Hikari Tsushin, INC. in charge of corporate/retail sales and business strategy since 2000. He established CTIA in Switzerland and Japan in FY 2017, while joining organizations such as Crypto Valley, providing incubation, acceleration and consultation service for fintech companies.

Chia Hock Lai- He is passionate about how technology is disrupting the way financial services are being delivered to consumers and businesses, and in the process making the financial system more efficient and inclusive. Hock Lai has close to 2 decades of experience in the financial industry, having performed roles in both business and technology. He graduated from the National University of Singapore (Real Estate), Nanyang Technological University (Infocomm Technology) and Nanyang Polytechnic (Fund Management & Administration). Besides being the founding president of the Singapore FinTech Association, he is also a Fellow of the Singapore University of Social Science, advisor to Startups and mentor to student FinTech projects.

Hyun Oh Hyun is currently the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Deblock. He began his career as a software engineer more than 10 years ago with LG Electronics, before moving on to the corporate venture capital space with GS Shop, Korea’s largest corporate VC, for several years.

Ted ChoSkelterlabs / Founder & CEO. Ted graduated in Computer Engineering from Seoul National University and continued his academia path at renowned KAIST to complete his MSc and PhD in Artificial Intelligence. His early research work was rewarded with the best paper award from the Korea Information Science Society in 1990. Supervised by Prof. Jin H. Kim, the leading authority in Korea for artificial intelligence, Ted obtained his PhD in 1995. His thesis presented a new handwritten word recognition method employing hidden Markov models as the main framework. Ted started his international career as visiting researcher at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Since then Ted has built the last 20 years several successful tech companies and became one of the leaders of Korea’s first startup generation expanding to global markets. Prior to founding Skelter Labs in 2015, Ted served seven years as Engineering Site Director at Google Korea.

Min JangChaintoB / CEO. Jang is Coop Marketing, EVP, Data scientist & AI Experts. Jang becomes Hancom Interfree, CEO, Hancom Group, VP, Business Planning & Collaboration; Duzon Group, VP/CTO; LGE, Principal Researcher; Seoul National University,Researcher,Data Mining Lab; Ph.D/MS/BS of CES POSTECH (Major : Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Data Mining)

Heewon Choi — Associate Director at Pivotal Labs. Heewon, an associate director at Pivotal Lab Tokyo, is a lean and agile consultant with many years of experience in User experience design and product making. He loves working on vastly diverse projects, both enterprises, and start-ups.

Heewon prides himself on working very closely with his clients and teams to achieve the highest standards of software products and enabling teams to serve their users and businesses with the best practices.

Sangjin Hong- Chaincabinet / Co-founder & CEO. He is a key member of the Blockchain community in the region and speaks at multiple Blockchain events. Sangjin is also a partner at Kstartup, a startup accelerator based in Korea. Before venturing into the Blockchain space, he was a former product manager at Microsoft.

Moonsoo Kim- BeCrypto / CEO and director of aSSIST Crypto Economy Research Institute. As a head professor of Digital Strategic MBA at aSSIST Business School, Alan delivers an up-to-date lecture on the mechanism of Blockchain, Token Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Strategy. Alan is a serial entrepreneur and founded an edu-tech company, ETOOS. Alan graduated from Seoul National University’s College of Engineering, CKGSB EMBA in China and completed a doctoral course at aSSIST Graduate School of Business Administration.

Ai Shuguang — ChaintoB / China Biz CEO. He is Council Member of Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) He is also Overseas Liaison Member of China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee and a CEO of Sino-Korea Huili Investment Consulting. MS of Seoul National University, Korea and BS of China Conservatory of Music, China.

SeokMyoung Kwon — TJ Communications / Director

Hironori Shinozaki — Mr. Shinozaki is the CEO of BlockNet Korea, and the Co-CEO of CTIA Korea. He has taken a particular interest in blockchain since 2014. Since then, he has become a respected part of an extensive blockchain network in Japan..

Sam H. Noh- was recently named the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS). He is a Professor and Head of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology (UNIST) in Ulsan, Korea. His current research interests include operating systems issues pertaining to embedded computer systems with a focus on the use of new memory technologies such as flash memory and persistent memory. He had also been serving as Associate Editor of ToS for the past two years.

Jay KIM- Makestar / CEO. He cooperates on the entertainment business.

Sollim Lee- Sol+plus Project CEO. She is also a Seoul Performing Arts High School, Seoul Performing Arts Institute Executive Director, Performing event producer at Seoulland.

Manhoon Kang- HAPPY TOGETHER e&c / CEO

M.L.Paripong Tongyai- Tong Hua Holding Public Company Limited/ Independent Director

MiKyung Yoon- She is CSO of since 2009 and on Apr 2014 she become the CEO. She is also a General manager at Opt Inc, Manager at MCRES and Planner at Intercube Inc. She studied at 명지대학교 Bachelors, Creative Writing.

You saw our team in many past events, conference, and roadshows all around the world and we promised, more events will come and we want to see you there. We are a fan of transparency and solidity.

Think about it, is the ICO teams that you’ve thrown your money or time, are they actually have any experience on their field? Or worse, are they really real?

Are these people have 10000 degrees or certificates in the field?

We are trying to incorporate cryptocurrency into the daily lives of people. We believe it, and we’ll make it easy for everyday challenges. Cryptocurrency can become the FUTURE of currency. We are looking forward to building a strong crypto community and get more people involved.

Be smart, and do the right thing.

Meet the team behind the SOMESING and catch us to the moon.

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