[How to use] Learn about 🎧 ‘DUET MIX’ !🎵

3 min readNov 14, 2023

1. What is a Duet Mix?

Now you can spice up your duets with not just two, but four voices! Pick three of your favorite duet-completed songs from your Duet Invite, and seamlessly mix them to create a new harmonious ensemble. It’s the perfect 1+3 blend! Unleash your creativity without any restrictions between video and audio — remix as much as you want!

2. How do I use Duet Mix?

※ Only duet-completed posts created after the v.2.5.0 update can be used for the Duet Mix feature.

※ Please note to provide consent for User-Generated Content to access the Duet Mix feature.

❶ Press [Create Duet Mix] at the bottom of your Duet Invite post. Choose three participants (no more or less) who have finished your Duet Invite song (excluding yourself) and craft a new post!

❷ Each duet invite song must have at least three posted duet completed songs for mixing. Whether it is a video or audio post doesn’t matter! In order to use an ended post for a Duet Mix, you can extend its post period using the Gift+ feature.

❸ The order in the Duet Mix post follows the participants you chose. The ‘You’ and ‘All’ parts in the duet invite lyrics are mixed in the same order, with a maximum of two lines switching for each singer.

❹ The duration of a Duet Mix post will be based on the shortest recording time among the four completed songs.

❺ Once your video is finished, you can find it under [My Page > My Songs > Private Menu].

3. Are there any usage restrictions for Duet Mix?

➣ Duet Mix is accessible up to 3 times daily. The count resets every morning at 9 AM (KST).

➣ You can mix with duet-completed songs created after the v.2.5.0 update.

➣ Blocked users cannot mix duets with each other.

➣ Once your Duet Mix is created, you can post it regardless of whether participants leave the service or the content is deleted.

4. What is the posting period of a Duet Mix?

Duet Mix postings will be displayed for 2 weeks. Make use of the GIft+ feature to extend the period of ended posts.

5. How will the reward be distributed after the Duet Mix posting period?

Each user gets a fair cut of the rewards, with everyone receiving an equal share of 1/n.

(Duet invite singer 15% / Duet Mix participants 45%, each 15%)

The distribution period and the rewards shown in your wallet history stay the same as with other posts.

Download SOMESING: somesing.io/download