[SOMESING X MiL.k Event Poster]

Hi, fellow SOMESING lovers,
We have brought you a new exciting event ​organized by SOMESING and MiL.k​. Would you like to know more about MiL.k​?

You can exchange various points you own for MiL.k coins and use them freely at any point regardless of brand, as well as withdrawal to your account through cashization! In addition, you can purchase mobile coupons and book culture gift certificates.​ Now, it’s possible to increase the utilization of points in MiL.k​. Participate in the festival and receive prizes and use them in various ways at MiL.k​. Not only meals, dessert, gift vouchers, duty-free shops, but also trips (feat. Yanolja)!!!​ ​This is the New Lifestyle.

Download MiL.k​ and sign up NOW!
You will be given a prize for the signing up event!

Go to Download MiL.k​ App https://milkplay.com/somesing_event
Please refer to the article below for more information on the festival:)

▣ Period ​​ ​
3/8 (Mod) ~ 3/17 (Wed)
※ Be noted that the contents participating in the festival can not be deleted​!

​▣ How To Participate ​​ ​​ ​
​1) Sing whatever song you like on SOMESING!
2) Save your song and tick ‘Join Festival’ when posting your song (Don’t Forget!)
3) Once your song is posted, it’s done!
​​​▣ Available Songs for the Festival​ ​​ ​
Any song you want is welcome!

▣ Prize money/gift & Rank selection criteria ​ ​​ ​
​​▷ 1st ~ 10th
· ​1st : SSX & MLK worth 300K KRW
· ​2nd : SSX & MLK worth 250K KRW
· ​3rd : SSX & MLK worth 200K KRW
· ​4th : SSX & MLK worth 150K KRW
· ​5th : SSX & MLK worth 100K KRW
· ​6th~10th: SSX & MLK worth 70K KRW

​​​​​​▷ Ranking Selection Criteria​
​1) Total amount of SSX supported to the recording during the event period
2) Total number of supporters who donated SSX to the recording during the event period
3) The number of comments on the recording

​​​​​​​​​​​​​▷ Prizes for the lucky draw​
· ​Video Star Award (30 winners): SSX & MLK worth 50K KRW [to be selected among video posting contents]
· Shiny Solo Award (20 winners): SSX & MLK worth 30K KRW [to be selected among solo posting contents]
· ​Best Duet Award (30 winners, 15 teams): SSX & MLK worth 30K KRW [to be selected among duet posting contents]
· ​Lucky Random Award (100 winners): SSX & MLK worth 20K KRW [to be selected among all posting contents]

※ Please note that duplicate wins are not allowed.

​▣ Final Result Announcement​ ​ ​
April 1, 2021
※ Winners will be contacted individually.​​

We look forward to seeing you at the festival :)

Want to know how to use MiL.k service? Check the link below:)


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​※ Important Notice

1) All legal rights and responsibilities, including copyright and portrait rights of content posted on SOMESING in connection with the Festival, shall lie with the participant who posted the content. However, SOMESING may modify, replicate, or edit the content to the extent necessary in connection with the operation and promotion of this festival.
2) Both video & voice recording is acceptable for the festival.
3) Any content without a ‘real singing performance’ will be disqualified for the event. The recordings in which abnormal supporting and/or signing up activities such as misusing a 3rd person’s ID(s) are detected will also be excluded.
4) Any contents and comments that include slander, abusive, advertising, or false or vulgar may be deleted without prior notice.
5) The prize is not transferable to any 3rd party.
6) Winners for the prize will be contacted via SMS to the mobile phone number that is registered when signing up SOMESING. In case the winner does not reply within 3 days, the prize will be canceled. (The winner is responsible for cases where SMS cannot be received)
7) All winners are required to sign up for MiL.k to receive the prize. (No prize is given in case the winner does not sign up for MiL.k)
8) The virtual assets given to winners will be paid on the basis of the unit price of KRW on the day of payment (KST 09), and the unit price of KRW will be applied on the basis of the ranking site of the global digital asset exchanges. (www.coinmarketcap.com)
9) Winners must provide information to SOMESING to receive the prizes but will be excluded from the list if the required information is not provided in time. SOMESING will inform the winners of the prize receipt form and how to deliver it later. If there is an error in the information provided, the responsibility is on the winners.
10) Virtual assets paid for this event are classified as the winner’s other income and may affect his/her comprehensive income tax.
11) In case of minors, prizes can be given, but they cannot be purchased or traded in MIL’K.
12) All the contents participating in the event can not be deleted.
13) The SSX reward for the contents participating in the ‘Festival’ will be distributed like ordinary recordings by the system.
14) In case the person who participates in the content turns out not to be the owner of the SOMESING account, he/she will be excluded from the festival.
15) If participants set the posted contents as private or delete, they will be excluded from the selection.
16) All prizes in this event are for Korean residents only.
17) In the case of duplicate prizes and gift wins, the higher prize or gift is given to the winner.
18) For more information about the event, please contact SOMESING’s official Kakao channel at (http://pf.kakao.com/_txoPDT/chat).