Famous Korean artist ‘JungiGo’ is to participate as a singer in the webtoon OST production project that will be promoted by SOMESING and Dasan Books

An official of SOMESING, a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain social karaoke Dapp, said, “One of the top Korean musicians, Jung Ki-go, who is also engaged in various music activities, has decided to participate as a singer in the popular webtoon OST production project that will be promoted by SOMESING and Dasan Books.”

SOMESING announced on January 26 that it has signed a joint business agreement with 3 partner companies, including Dasan Books, to carry out special projects that include selecting OST singers from the public using its mobile karaoke platform, promoting music production, and distributing them.

CEO Kim and JunggiGo formed a relationship after participating in the “if Kakao 2020” event, which was held online for three days from November 25, 2020.

“if Kakao 2020” was an event that shared and communicated core technologies incorporated into Kakao Group’s various services, and in 2020, introductions of Kakao’s service and business vision, business partners, and corporate culture were held on the 10th anniversary of Kakao Group’s opening.

At the event, SOMESING was introduced as a major partner of GroundX, a blockchain technology affiliate of Kakao during the session called ‘Next Internet World made by Digital Assets’, on the 2nd day of the event, and producer JunggiGo introduced the Melon Station — JunggiGo’s SOUL By SEL, during the interview with Melon, the nation’s top music streaming platform.

On this partnership with artist JunggiGo, Kim Heui-Bae, CEO of SOMESING, said, “Through Melon Station’s ‘SOULBY SEL’, Junggi Go has a clear goal of promoting talented but not yet famous artists in various music fields to the public. I was convinced that this would be in line with SOMESING’s business direction to support talented SOMESING users to debut as professional artists.”

“We will closely collaborate to create synergy effects on each other in various fields by utilizing the channel operated by JunggiGo at Melon Station and SOMESING’s platform” he said, expressing expectations for future cooperation.

“There are many talented singers around us who have not made their debut as a professional artist, but have enough potential,” said artist Jung Go-go. “I am happy to participate in a meaningful project based on my musical ability in producing good music with the singers who will be selected through the SOMESING platform. I will give them a lot of advice to make them grow into a talented musician, and I want to fully utilize my network in the music industry in promoting the music produced this time,” he said about his thoughts on participating in the project and his future aspirations.

Since his official debut in 2002, JunggiGo has made his name known to various hip-hop musicians for his featuring skills, and in 2014 he released his duet song ‘Some’ with SoYou, a member of the idol group ‘SISTAR’, to become №1 in all eight music sites and terrestrial music programs.

Currently, as the host of Melon Station’s “SOULBY SEL,” he plays an important linker role to help various artists get closer to more listeners.