Emel Ventures CEO won the ‘Excellence Management Award of KBIZ’ and ‘Small and Medium Enterprise Welfare Award’ in December 2022

2 min readDec 23, 2022


Mr. Kim Heuibae, the CEO of Emel Ventures which has been operating a blockchain-based singing content platform SOMESING, won the Excellence Management Award from the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (KBIZ) on December 15.

KBIZ was founded in 1962 as an economic organization to represent and protect the rights and interests of 6.6 million Korean SMEs. KBIZ is also committed to improving the economic status of SMEs and promoting the balanced development of the national economy.

Emel Ventures was highly recognized for its continuous effort and contribution to the blockchain industry by developing and operating a user-friendly entertainment blockchain-based service.

A CEO of Emel Ventures also won the 1st ‘Small and Medium Enterprise Welfare Awards’ hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 21 December 2022.

The Small and Medium Business Welfare Award was created to encourage small and medium-sized companies that have taken the lead in improving the welfare of employees by operating various welfare systems within the company.

Emel Ventures won the award of President of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry by operating various welfare systems within the company such as the Introduction of flexible working hours, 95% employee retention rate, and many more.

“I am very pleased to receive the Presidential Award of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the 1st Small and Medium Enterprise Welfare Awards. As the CEO of the company, I have been making efforts to create a company where all employees work happily like family members, and I am really happy to be recognized for receiving a such award. I will do my best to make a better working place for all the employees at Emel Ventures” said Mr.Kim.