Cryptocurrency in the World of Millennials

Millennials are known to be internet addicts. They are well-known in Internet Games like Dota, League of Legends, Rules of survival and they even go to the international competition, they also well-known as internet sensations that we saw them singing, dancing, acting and mostly doing some crazy stuff.

Most of them used technology to get famous in any way. Social Medias become their friend in making such arts and films to make trends. It’s not just a hobbit anymore, it’s their goal, to be famous. However, in a positive point of view, half of them are on the edge of the latest technology and it’s no surprise that these millennials is so much interest in investments that is so much different than their parents invested in.

Millennials and CryptoCurrency.

Have you ever noticed that Despite the doom and gloom in the Cryptocurrency markets, the demand for these digital currency remains high. The transactions become easier and indeed less expensive, a larger number of people buying and utilize the crypto coins for personal and businesses use. And In the spotlight are no other than Millennials investing in cryptocurrency.

A recent survey by research service YouGov Omnibus shows that half of American millennials are interested in using cryptocurrency.

It Seems that millennials are falling in love with Crypto and breaking up with the banks well it’s no surprise since They are the first generation to grow up with computers.

Millennials are particularly open to embracing new technology in order to create opportunities for themselves–and blockchain, the tech behind crypto, is no different. As masters of the side hustle and challengers of the traditional 9–5 working lives of previous generations, millennials are welcoming blockchain with open arms.” — Simon Yu, CEO of blockchain startup StormX

In SOMESING, we are making a world for Millennials to use Cryptocurrency while making them famous in the field of singing.
Korea’s former Idol girl group, ‘Stellar — Soyoung using SOMESING beta App”

They say that one of the reasons why Cryptocurrency is not so in demand yet, is many retailers not yet accepting Crypto, so we in SOMESING trying to build a free music world for our users that while they are getting famous, they also earn Cryptocurrency in the form of our token “SSX”

The Unique Features of SOMESING App

Our Beta App is now available on Playstore and will be available on IOS Beta scheduled for early April through mid-April and Stay tuned for more updates.

We will bringing you features that is like a studio in your pockets.

Anyone can use our app with no charge. SOMESING is among the very few that render their services free to their users. You can sing songs of favorite artists for free anytime, anywhere, and get rewarded if you get popular.

Can SOMESING Makes you famous?
“Korea’s New Idol boy group, ‘AlphaBAT’”

SOMESING provides SingLovers with various opportunities of success through partnerships with off-line entertainment agencies and diverse broadcasting /entertainment businesses. Entertainment agencies and broadcasting companies are able to proceed the verification of popular appeal at SOMESING, therefore, SOMESING will be a ‘bridge’ of on-line and offline.

The biggest challenges for singlovers is that they pay all but did not get anything in return and That’s why we will offer our service for free.

SOMESING is constantly making partnerships globally even though it seems to be limited to Koreans yet. We are in partnership with ICON and SOMESING RUNNING FOR ICON P-REP. We are also in partnership with ChaintoB and Keypair and a collaboration with MOU.

The minimum investment is 300 ICX in our Pre sale 1 but it is already ended as well our IEO, and we are currently preparing for the Round 2 of our PRESALE 2.

All investors can participate in our ICO except the Citizens, residents (tax or otherwise), or green card holders, of the United States are ineligible. The same pertains for residents of People’s Republic of China, non-cooperating countries with FATF (North Korea, Iran, and so on), and those who are under the age of 19 (born in February 1999 or later). For KYC instructions, Please refer to

We only accept ICX as payment on ICO. In order to create your wallet go to .

We will bring you more updates of our upcoming events and features as well as more artist to Sing Along with you on our App on April!

Stay tuned on our Social Media Pages to keep Updated.

Register, Explore and Invest now!

Update on our Bounty participants, the list is finally updated!

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