“My hand-carry Karaoke”

“Eventually, we’re all good singers.” — Vodka

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I know you’ve already hear this phrase before. When I was young, my parents always hired a Videoke for me and my young brothers birthday celebration as the centre of entertainment of the party. However, I never sing with videoke when I was a kid, but now I’m 21years old, I can say, I’m really a good singer. Yeah of course with my best friend, vodka.

History of Karaoke

Way back 1971, in Japan, a Japanese musician named Daisuke Inoue invented the very first Karaoke machine that was translated from “karaoke” to “empty orchestra” as Mr. Inoue admitted creating the name “karaoke”.

No wonder, karaoke became the one of the most popular entertainment activity in global. Indeed, the global karaoke market approximate to be worth nearly $1 billion.

What I like to Japanese is they don’t really care on what your voice totally are. It’s just like they don’t care on what they hear or what your voice sounds anymore but the whole thing was about make them happy and get them laughing, like “oh gosh what she’s doing”, “men you’re crazy!” (Yeah my friends always telling that to me when I’m singing at karaoke bar especially those heartbreaks days… lol) As what I was saying, Japanese really love singing. They never judge others sing and that the reason why karaoke hits their hearts to the finest! And as for their love to the music, The success has been reached places though as karaoke has spread to Korea, China, South-East Asia, the U.S. and Europe..

“Music is apart of everyone’s life,” Apple’s co-founder, the late Steve Jobs said. “Music has been around forever. It will always be around, this is not a speculative market. And because it’s a part of everyone’s life, it’s a very large target market, all around the world. It knows no boundaries.”

These days, you can always put karaoke on your pocket. You don’t need to carry the big Karaoke machine, I feel you I know it’s heavy and we are skinny, but Yes, everyone can sing karaoke everywhere and this is with your Smartphones!

Have you ever try to sing on some Karaoke apps on your Smartphones? I have searched karaoke apps on my smartphone and wow its too many karaoke apps in there.

Those Karaoke Online Platform embraces by the majority people of the world. We enjoyed using these platforms however, just like the original karaoke bars, those said Karaoke Online Platform are a paid platform. Basically the users will have to pay in dollars so you can sing a song and look how your viewers engaged to your song. The reality is to how many people will view, like and comments to your song.

What are you thinking now? Stop using those apps that makes an artist or the dev get money if you play a song? No no, don’t stop right there. We can now freely create a music digital world through SOMESING.

SOMESING the World’s first KARAOKE service on BLOCKCHAIN that was originated from the land of Oppas, Korea.

Advantage of SOMESING comparing with other karaoke services.

All users will be able to enjoy really high quality music App service with real time new songs update.

Everyone who loves singing can sing all songs free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can receive economic reward through gifts, supports, and events through the community about newly created song content.

SOMESING with the adoption of blockchain, brings you a hand-carry Karaoke sing studio That can be used anytime, anywhere, no matter who you are, you can now SING FOR FREE!

Vote! Spread! Disrupt!

And Guess what! SOMESING running on ICONSENSUS P-REP election. ICONSENSUS, the bridge to a mass adoption of blockchain will gathering a ICONSENSUSP -REPS election.

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SOMESING with the adoption of blockchain, brings you a hand-carry Karaoke sing studio that can be used anytime, anywhere, and no matter who you are, you can now SING FREE .

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