Bringing Live Watch to SOMESING!

Bringing Live Watch to SOMESING!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Xangle to implement their Live Watch system to the SOMESING token. Live Watch offers transparency through on-chain data analysis of circulating supply, ensuring stability for reliable transparency opportunities for our users.

Live Watch verifies on-chain data and announcements from each project to provide real-time token supply tracking services. This ensures that the data provided to users is accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, Live Watch offers visualized metrics to aid in understanding on-chain data and token supply.

We are looking forward to leveraging Live Watch’s real-time tracking tools to bring greater transparency to our users and further create a thriving SOMESING ecosystem.

Here is what you can view on the SOMESING Live Watch page:

  1. Main Indicators

Provides an overview and distribution of the SOMESING.

2. Circulating Supply Tracker by Network

Circulating Supply is the number of tokens currently in existence, which does not include Project Supply and Burnt. Additional items, such as Migration Supply, may be excluded in addition to the aforementioned items.




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