Announcing SOMESING partnership with CONTENTOS

4 min readApr 23, 2019

SOMESING is excited to formally announce our partnership with CONTENTOS, a decentralized global content ecosystem, to work together to increase the value of digital content through blockchain.

The emergence of social media has offered everyone a means of improving their vision by themselves and sharing their views globally as such. However, social media offers more of a centralized platform that supports the oppression of their user disallowing them from providing their content in a transparent way that would suit their needs.

CONTENTOS is a revolutionary blockchain framework that’ll create a more robust decentralized online content network which authorizes all members such as advertisers, content authors, and consumers to be paid a great payment for their active engagements. CONTENTOS will set up for itself as one of such platform of online content place that’s compliant of all types of DApps content.

CONTENTOS is a digital content storage project that’ll get rid of such power of centralized platforms ripping creators for long, by decentralizing the content system, CONTENTOS will make its platform operate in a democratic system whereby everyone has equal rights to air their content in the most way they enjoyed.


Many Song Creators around the world who Already DownLoaded and uses the SOMESING beta app that was just launched this late February, SOMESING surprisingly surpassed 10,000 downloads in 10 days since we released beta service of Android version on Feb 28th.

Our CEO Mr. Heui-bae said, “Contentos stands out in the global digital content industry as it has more than a million global content creators as well as 60 million users worldwide.” In particular, Kim expressed hope that the synergy between the creators of SOMESING and LiveMe, the №1 U.S. live streaming app, will be very large.

Contentos is out to solve many of the internet’s major challenges. Content distribution is a major element of the next-gen internet augmented with blockchain. The blueprint that Contentos is building is decentralized but also in tune with actual businesses and popular apps and has been proven by three major apps actively operating in the ecosystem, which are LiveMe (live broadcast app), Cheez (shotclip video app), and PhotoGrid (photo editing app). That’s very exciting for the future of blockchain and mainstream adoption of digital assets. Contentos recently received a Top 100 Gold label project from Binance Info and received more than US$1 million investment from Binance Labs.

The CEO of CONTENTOS Mr, Mick Tsai said “Since SOMESING is a blockchain project with user-centered reward ecosystem, I have been personally paying close attention to it in terms of its increasing value of content, transparent reward and stable operation of the application. We look forward to a lot of mutual content partnerships and cooperation through this strategic partnership and it will attract a hot response from the market,”

Meanwhile, SOMESING participated in the “Contentos Global Roadshow” held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on April 20 and had the opportunity to promote the value of content and the future of blockchain. Also, SOMESING exchanged various opinions about future cooperative models with Contentos, a SOMESING official said.


Our Global Telegram Community has been reached over 15,500 members and we are so happy about that. We are inviting all of those single members of our community to become one of the growing numbers of singers here at SOMESING! We will be happier if all of you becomes famous Someday. Just simply download our Beta App on Android and try it! and don’t worry IOS users as our IOS beta version will be released soon!

Catch SOMESING at the ICON Lounge on Euljiro, Seoul, on April 25

SOMESING is set to hold a meetup at the ICON Lounge Dapp meet up on Euljiro, Seoul, on April 25, 7pm to 10pm and is currently open for participants through Meetup

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