[Announcement] SOMESING’s latest update of v.2.6.0 with exciting features!

3 min readNov 14, 2023


Hi, beloved SOMESING users,

We are back with a fresh announcement with the v.2.6.0 update!

We introduce the all-new Duet Mix feature and some improvements we’ve made for a better service.

Please check out the details below!

Duet Mix is our new feature in the SOMESING app, where your musical collaborations can now involve up to four voices in one harmonious ensemble.

You can collaborate with three of your favorite duet-completed songs from your Duet Invite and create a new duet post — but four voices! Remix as much as you want, regardless of the form of video and audio.

✅ Click below ⬇️ to learn more about the Duet Mix.

✔️ Here are some heads up before using the Duet Mix:

➣ Duet Mix is only available for duet-completed songs posted after the v.2.5.0 update.

➣ You have to choose three duet-completed songs to Duet Mix (no more or less)

➣ You have to be the owner of the Duet Invite in order to Duet Mix

➣ The duet-completed posts you may want to use must be currently posted and have the posting period remaining. If you want to use an ended post, you must be a former sponsor of the following post or extend the period using Gift+.

➣ The duration of a Duet Mix post will be based on the shortest recording time among the four completed songs.

➣ Duet Mix is accessible up to 3 times a day. The count resets every morning at 9 AM (KST).

➣ It is restricted to use a Duet Mix post to create a SingClip and NFT and participate in auditions, festivals, and Sing Party.

➣ When the post period ends, 60% of the accumulated SSX will be distributed equally among the four participants of the Duet Mix.

2. Improved the Post Recommendation feature

You can find the “Recommend” button on the post page. Feel free to share your favorite songs with your followers.

You can find recommended posts in the “Feed > Following” menu under the [Latest Posts l Recommended Posts] tab.

3. Et Cetra

1. The cap on the number of sponsorships for duet-completed posts is removed.

2. A new guide page for TalkTalk has been added.

Enjoy your new experience on SOMESING with the v.2.6.0 release!

Please download SOMESING via the below link and mingle with friends!