[Announcement]SOMESING’s latest update of v.2.5.0!

2 min readSep 13, 2023
[SOMESING v.2.5.0 update banner]

Hi, beloved SOMESING users,😍

We are finally here to announce our latest update of v.2.5.0!

In our latest update of v.2.5.0, we’ve added a 1:1 private chat feature called “TalkTalk” and Post Recommendations.

So please check out the details of our new features below!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

☝️1:1 Private Chats — “TalkTalk”💕

You can now engage in private conversations on SOMESING with a specific user you request. Start a chat with a simple “Heart” tap!

➢ You can start requesting a ‘TalkTalk’ with a heart (❤️) to chat with your desired user (*requires in-app purchase).

➢ The other person must accept the conversation for it to begin (the acceptance waiting period is up to 7 days! After that, TalkTalk requests are automatically canceled).

➢ Once the conversation begins, you can freely send unlimited messages.

➢ Do you have cool songs discovered from SOMESING or external links that are too good to keep to yourself? Share it via a link (no photos or videos allowed).

➢ If there is no conversation for 30 days, TalkTalk will automatically end.

➢ After TalkTalk ends, you can no longer send messages via the same chat room.

➢ After 30 days from the end of TalkTalk, the conversation room and its content will be automatically deleted (no recovery available).

✌️Post Recommendations

​Share and recommend discovered posts from other users to your followers!

Simply choose a post and “Share — Recommend to Followers.” You will receive a notification if someone recommends your post.

You can find recommended posts in the “Feed > Following” menu under the [Latest Posts l Recommended Posts] tab.

There are a few conditions for a heads-up!

➢ You can recommend one post per day.

➢ Posts not suitable for recommendation: already recommended posts, duet invites (completed duets are okay!), and posts from blocked users.

➢ You cannot retract already submitted recommendations

➢ Once a recommended post ends, it will no longer appear in the list.

Other Small Changes:

1. “Gift” will be changed to “Support.”

2. Ad Bonus service will be discontinued.

With the new v.2.5.0 update, we hope you have an even more enjoyable and meaningful experience on SOMESING!