Announcement regarding SOMESING’s development roadmap

4 min readDec 22, 2023

Hello SOMESING supporters,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and interest in SOMESING. In this article, the SOMESING team aims to provide updates on the development progress, addressing the aspects you may be curious about.

SOMESING has published a roadmap for the period from the first quarter of 2023 to the fourth quarter of 2024 through a virtual asset information disclosure platform Xangle in February 2023. The roadmap is centered around the development of Singverse (Sing+Universe), a web3-based platform that leverages user content, with a primary focus on global service expansion.

Our team initially planned to develop and launch an NFT-based rank service (User Level System) and an ecosystem royalty program within the SOMESING service, based on users’ activity indices and contributions to the service, in the fourth quarter of 2023. The goal was to enhance user engagement by providing a sense of accomplishment as they attain NFT badges for their target levels while increasing loyalty to the service.

However, during the second half of 2023, we unavoidably experienced some delays in development due to our team’s focus on securing follow-up investments from the global web3 venture capital firm DWF Labs, as well as the new listing of SSX tokens on HTX Global Exchange and Coinone Exchange (a DAXA member company in Korea.) Nevertheless, we have diligently prepared and planned for the programs mentioned above, and we are scheduled to launch the NFT-based user rank service and ecosystem royalty program within the service starting from the first quarter of the upcoming year.

Through this announcement, the SOMESING team intends to provide the community with an explanation of the concept behind the new programs we are preparing.

[Direction of New Program Planning]

Since its official launch in November 2019, SOMESING has been refining its services for over four years. Based on our operational experience and the data generated within the platform, we have identified two distinct user groups within the SOMEESING community: content creators and content consumers.

The content creators actively engage in social activities by creating and sharing music content on the platform. They earn SSX tokens as a reward for their efforts and receive support from community members who appreciate their content. On the other hand, the content consumers enjoy various content within the platform, interact with creators through comments, and actively support their favorite content and creators using SSX tokens. These two groups have been pivotal driving forces that have sustained SOMESING over the challenging environments of recent years.

We have always believed that the amicable coexistence of these two user groups within the service is essential for maintaining the core values of the ecosystem SOMESING pursues. This belief remains unwavering, and we are committed to maintaining it in the future. Consequently, in the planning of the upcoming NFT-based ranking service and ecosystem royalty program, we have taken into consideration both user groups mentioned above.

We have specifically designed the program to ensure that users who both actively create content on SOMESING and support other creators can attain the highest level within the system, recognizing them as both content creators and consumers. Our aim is to create a program that reflects the diverse interests and contributions of both user groups, fostering a sense of community and mutual support within the SOMESING platform.

[Structure Proposal for New Program]

The two aforementioned groups of users can acquire various individual badges based on their individual user behavior. This badge system is designed to establish a level system based on users’ activity indices within the service and their contributions to the ecosystem. Users can start by earning “General Badges” by completing simple missions as content creators and/or consumers. As they complete all sub-missions, they can progress to earning “Mission Badges.” When users achieve all the badges, they are eligible to earn their own set of “Special Badges.” We aim to ultimately introduce a “Grand Master Badge” system, exclusively available for top-tier users who possess all special badges.

(* Please note that the badge titles mentioned above may undergo some changes during the final planning and development process.)

Through this approach, users can discover more engaging game elements on SOMESING, enjoy the sequential process of earning new badges, and experience a sense of personal achievement. SOMESING also plans to launch the “Ecosystem Royalty Program” that recognizes the loyalty and contributions of those who have acquired top badges. We intend to provide special rewards for these users to encourage ecosystem development.

Details regarding the NFT-based user rank service and ecosystem royalty program will be communicated through a separate announcement as specific information is finalized. SOMESING is committed to evolving further and seeks to meet you in a more advanced form. We appreciate your continued support and interest.

[Badge System Configuration]
[Badge System UI Design Examples]