[Announcement] Notice on the update v.1.7.9

Hi, beloved SOMESING supporters,
We have brought you the latest version of SOMESING, v.1.7.9!

The continuously requested feature while using the app has been updated to the beta version.

Three-point buttons on the upper right of the user page have been added, and the report/block feature is available by tapping the button.

One. The reporting abnormal account feature has been added!
-.Now, you can report the account that has a problem and the account that received accumulative reports will be restricted to use SOMESING.
-. Please report ONLY inappropriate users as false reporting may result in penalties in using SOMESING.
-. Duplicate reporting is not allowed.

Two. The blocking account feature has been added!
If unblocked, the below activities become unavailable.
-. Each other’s profiles and posts can not be viewed.
-. The follower/following relationship breaks off automatically.
-. Mentioning each other in the comments is not available.
-. The contents for which you support/gift/gift+ can not be seen in ‘My Page’.

* You can not exceed blocking 5 accounts in a day.
* You can unblock the account by clicking Settings > Blocked Accounts > Unblock.
* When the other users approach your profile and contents, they can notice your blocking status.

SOMESING team has been doing our best to offer you the best possible service.

Your continuous support would be appreciated.