A Star Is Born in SOMESING!

2 min readOct 4, 2022

. A talented SOMESING user is finally on ‘Hidden Singer 7’, a legendary Korean music TV Show!

. Won the ticket to enter the ‘King of Kings’ competition as she made it to the final round!

It has been a while since SOMESING, a blockchain-based social singing content platform has been providing mobile audition features for its talented users to be able to apply for various audition programs to achieve their lifelong dream to be a singer.

Finally, it’s time to celebrate that a star is born in SOMESING!

A talented female SOMESING user (User Nickname: MysterySinbi) was on ‘Hidden Singer 7’, a legendary popular Korean music TV show, and made it to the final round on 30 September 2022.

She was selected as one of the impersonator singers of ‘Um Jung Hwa’, Korea’s popular ‘sexy queen’ solo singer who celebrates 30 years of her debut this year. In the contest held with Um Jung-Hwa’s representative hits, ‘MysterySinbi’ was enthusiastically cheered by judges and audiences by generously showing off her talents such as impersonation skills and dance she has honed. As a result, she also won the ticket to advance to the year-end ‘King of Kings’ competition as she received the highest number of votes among the cast members.

‘SOMESING,’ which has been providing users with mobile karaoke app services with various social features as a singing content platform, had been recruiting talented singers who want to be on ‘Hidden Singer 7’ using the audition menu in the app since mid-July 2022, and ‘MysterySinbi’ was also one of the applicants. In particular, this talented user has been actively using the SOMESING service for the past few years and has been loved by community fans for her unique and attractive content such as dance and drum performances as well as various genres of songs in the app.

The CEO of SOMESING, said, “Since the time when SOMESING was first planned and started its service, we have made various attempts to make SOMESING become a stepping stone for our users to achieve their lifelong dreams as talented singers.”

“I sincerely congratulate her on her appearance on ‘Hidden Singer 7,’ one of Korea’s leading music TV Shows, and getting good results. In addition, I look forward to her great performance in the year-end ‘King of Kings’ competition.” he added.

A replay of highlights is available through JTBC’s official YouTube channel.

SOMESING will continue to do its best to support talented singers!

Thank you!