A Quick Guide on ‘How to Enjoy SOMESING’

6 min readMar 13, 2023

Greeting from SOMESING, a blockchain-based ‘Singing Content Platform!

At SOMESING, anybody can enjoy singing while they mingle with global friends via various social communication features provided by SOMESING only if you have a single mobile phone.

Furthermore, every single piece of content posted on the platform can receive SSX tokens from other users as a reward for the created content. You do not have to make an effort to search for the songs you would like to sing as SOMESING provides you with 40K+ trendy music resources (including all the HOT K-POPs) together with various interesting sound mixing features such as individual volume control, echo control, and reverb control.

Looking for something exciting? Come and Join SOMESING!

1. SING​

[Search Songs]

Select the ‘magnifying glass’ in the upper right corner! Search by the title of songs or the name of your favorite artist! Select the song you want to sing!

[How to search songs you would like to sing]

[Sing ‘Solo’]

Select ‘Solo’ on the Sing Page!

[Duet Invitation]

Select ‘Duet’ on the Sing Page!

Before you sing a duet, you can edit the parts that you want to sing by clicking the button located next to each lyric line. Once it’s done, tap the ‘Let’s sing’ button at the bottom.​

[Join ‘Duet’]

Go to the ‘Sing’ — ‘Join Duet’ page and select the duet song that you want to join. Alternatively, you can select the duet invitation song on the list and tap the ‘Join duet’ button.

[Various Singing Mode on SOMESING]

[Sing Duet with Artists]

At SOMESING, you can have a special experience to sing duets with various K-POP artists! Please follow us to find out the exciting lineups!

[Sing Duet with K-POP Artists]

① Join Duet: Meet ‘Duet Invitation Songs’ posted by various users

② Popular Duet Invitation: Duet songs that many singers joined can be viewed.

③ SOMESING with Artists: You can sing a duet with K-POP artists. Sing a duet with your favorite artists!

④ Let’s sing together: All the duet invitation songs can be viewed here!

2. Mixing your song

At the mixing stage, you can individually control Sync / Volume / Effect according to your personal taste. Press ‘Save to MY PAGE’ when you have set the appropriate value.

[Customized Sound Mixing Control]

3. Posting your saved song

Tap Profile ▶ My Songs ▶ Private

Tap the ‘Posting’ button at the bottom of the song you want to share.

Leave a promotional comment for your song and tap ‘Enter completed’.

To post your song, an SSX token is needed. Be noted that you can also use Klay or MIC. Enter the amount of SSX, Klay, or MIC and input the password then the posting will be complete!

[Posting songs to share your content]

4. Creating Short-form ‘SingClip’ Video

  • Creating a ‘Singclip’ will promote your content to more people and give you more chances to receive SSX tokens as your reward.
  • Tapping the ‘Singclip’ icon at the bottom of the feed menu will lead you to the short-form type Singclip content list where you can meet interesting video content. 🎇
  • Scroll the screen down or up to enjoy different content. Tap ‘Enjoy the full song’ if you want to listen to the full cover song content.
[Creating Short-form type ‘SingClip’ content]

How can I create ‘SingClip’??

① When posting a new content

​Sing a song with a video recording and tap the ‘Create SingClip’ button.

② Create on the profile page

You can also make a SingClip with the content whose posting period ended previously. Tap 3 dots on the content to create a SingClip.

[Making ‘SingClip’ on My PAGE]

5. Support (Donate SSX token for the content)

Select the song you would like to support then tap the ‘Support’ or ‘Gift’ button at the bottom. Enter the amount of SSX, MIC, or Klay that you want to donate for the content, and enter your 6-digit wallet password!

[Show your love by donating SSX token for your favorite songs]

6. SOMESING Wallet

You can check the balance of SSX / MIC Klay on the Profile page. SSX / Klay can be recharged by purchasing on the exchanges where those digital assets are listed. MIC can be recharged by tapping the ‘MIC Charge’ button and you can select how much you would like to purchase.

[SOMESING Wallet supports SSX, KLAY, and MIC]

7. Withdrawal of SSX tokens

SOMESING has been pursuing building a ‘Web3’ environment where our users can enjoy benefits from the content they created on the platform.

SSX tokens that you received from your fans can be withdrawn as long as you keep more than 500 SSX so that you can exchange them for real money by trading on the exchanges where SSX token is listed.

For global users whose residence is other than South Korea, we allow SSX withdrawal only to the ‘Neopin’ wallet. Please follow the step-by-step withdrawal guide below.

Tap ‘Profile’ and tap the SSX button. Then, tap the ‘Withdrawal’ button on the page.

Select ‘Withdraw to Neopin’.

[Global users can withdraw SSX to the ‘Neopin’ Wallet]

Please make sure you have checked all the instructions at the bottom and tick the box if you are over 19 years old and hold your Neopin Wallet Address. Then, tap ‘OK’.

Tap ‘Continue’ on the Apply for withdrawal of SSX to Neopin wallet page.

Copy your wallet address on the Neopin wallet and enter it on the ‘Address to send SSX’ and tap ‘Continue’.

Please note that it may be automatically terminated if you do not complete the withdrawal application within the valid time after pressing the next button.

Please note that any remittance errors and losses caused by incorrect addresses cannot be recovered by any means.

Enter the withdrawal Amount and tap ‘Continue’. The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 SSX and the withdrawal fee is 30 SSX.

This is the last page where you can check the withdrawal address and the amount. Please carefully check the details and tap ‘Apply for Withdrawal’ if there is no change.

This is the final step. Enter your 6-digit wallet password then the withdrawal application will be complete. The withdrawal process can be viewed on your SOMESING wallet page.

We are looking forward to meeting you at SOMESING!!


👇Download SOMESING👇


The SSX tokens that you withdraw via the above procedure can be traded on the exchanges such as Upbit, Bithumb, and Gate.io. To find more exchanges where SSX tokens can be traded, please visit CoinMarketCap at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/somesing/markets/

​Please contact cs@somesing.io with your SOMESING nickname if you have any inquiries.

The communication channels we are operating are as follows.

Homepage: https://somesing.io

App Download: https://ssx.page.link/QWnp

Medium: https://medium.com/@singlovers

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/company/14522431/admin/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/somesinglovers

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/썸씽SOMESING

Telegram(EN) : https://t.me/somesinglovers_EN