A Massive Cryptocurrency Adoption Is About To Take Place!

A Massive Cryptocurrency Adoption Is About To Take Place!

How can the Giant companies becomes more successful than ever? Why do the political candidates needs a partylist and recruits some celebrity candidates?

“rising tides float all boats” I guess you heard it before.

This is what the US President John F. Kennedy once said, “Thanks to the economy doing so well lately, our business has been booming. I guess it’s really true what they say, that a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Forging these kind of partnership to build relationships and to advance your cause benefits in all involved with your fellow partners are vital to the progress of your growing business.

By any chance, do you want to achieve such wealth and success? I guess, yes! Why not, right?

SOMESING proud to announce the partnership with the with ChaintoB to expand its presence in the Chinese and Indonesian markets.

Kim Heui-bae (left), CEO of SOMESING, Ai Shuguang (center), ChaintoB China Biz CEO, and Jang Min, CEO of ChaintoB, pose for a photo after signing a partnership agreement.

Global Blockchain and AI Technology
Solution and Service Provider: ChainToB

ChainToB aims to connect your new business ideas with sophisticated blockchain and AI technology while providing (a) best-in-class technology solutions (dApp, smart contracts etc.) as well as (b) full professional consulting in terms of reverse ICOs, strategy, marketing and successful ICOs

March 14, SOMESING has signed a strategic partnership with ChaintoB.

SOMESING COO, Yoon Hyun-keun said;

“We have been watching the Chinese and Indonesian markets, where music culture has become popular, and we would like to expand our business through a strategic partnership with ChaintoB,”

China has recently been interested in Korean music content, and Indonesia is also very interested in all the cultures related to the Korean Wave.” Mr. Yoon added.

According to him, China and Indonesia have a positive image of Korean cultural content. Furthermore, the size of their markets is so huge that SOMESING and ChaintoB expect that SOMESING’s Karaoke App can attract many users.

“The reasons why the industry and the world market are paying attention to SOMESING is that we have combined the blockchain ecosystem with real world services. We can change the paradigm of the existing karaoke culture, and we have also combined our service with the content consumption behavior of the digital-native era. The growth and scalability potential of SOMESING’s business is enormour due to these factors.” — SOMESING COO, Yoon Hyun-keun said

Why ChainToB?

ChaintoB has been recognized for its cutting-edge technology as it was the only Korean team that entered into the final stage at the “Blockchain Stable Economy Model Design Competition (BSEMDC)” hosted by Tsinghua University in China in August 2018.

In September 2018, it also signed up an MOU on Blockchain Cooperation with UDAYANA University located in Bali, Indonesia and became the first Korean company to hold a blockchain hackathon in Bali, Indonesia, showing achievements in Korean blockchain technology and business expansion in China and Indonesia.

Jang Min, CEO of ChaintoB proudly said “It is very meaningful to expand the service to China and Indonesia together with SOMESING, a real world blockchain service, and ChaintoB will commit its best to expand SOMESING’s service, which combined blockchain with the Korean Wave, worldwide.”

SOMESING is pleased to formally introduce our partnership with KEYPAIR, a renowned developer of electronic wallet for cryptocurrency in South Korea.

SOMESING CEO Kim Heui-bae (left) shakes hands with Keypair CEO Kevin Changkeun Lee after forming a strategic partnership on Feb. 15

Last week, March 5, we saw SOMESING on Hong Kong Blockchain Week the Hong Kong’s largest blockchain event at the Asia World Expo, but we are not alone. SOMESING Goes with our partner, KEYPAIR!

Somethings happens to SOMESING on February 15,2019. It was the day that they has signed a strategic alliance with KEYPAIR.

SOMESING CEO Kim Heui-bae said Last March 5, we saw SOMESING on Hong Kong Blockchain Expo, but we are not alone. SOMESING Goes with our partner, Keypair!

Somethings happens to SOMESING last February 15,2019. It was the day that it has signed a strategic alliance with Keypair.

SOMESING CEO Kim Heui-bae said “SOMESING’s vision is to build a service that allows singing to be part of users’ everyday life, by combining a traditional Karaoke app model with blockchain technology, The two companies’ strategic alliance is a meaningful step as Keypair’s ‘Key Wallet Touch’ will expand the usability of cryptocurrencies in various offline environments.”

He also said “Through Keypair, SOMESING has finally taken its cryptocurrency into an environment where it can directly be used in the real world.”

Mr. Kim believes that the timing of the strategic partnership is good as it will bring a positive change in the public’s perception of cryptocurrencies. That what I told at first the importance of the partnership.


Key Wallet Touch (Send and Receive Coin)

KEYPAIR also from where is SOMESING came from, South Korea , is a renowned developer of electronic wallet for cryptocurrency.

One of the amazing Feature of KEYPAIR Aside from a payment system is that a cold wallet that they called the Key Wallet Touch. It is developed by KEYPAIR that will allow users to use cryptocurrencies on mobile devices such as smartphones using the Near Field Communication (NFC). KEYPAIR has increased its accessibility with “Key Wallet Reader” that supports payment in the PC environment.

KEYPAIR Founder and CEO, Mr. Kevin Changkeun Lee said;

“SOMESING is a sought-after alliance partner as it accelerates the development of real-world blockchain applications in the cryptocurrency market where such services are still rare,” he quoted “We intend to lead the real-use business in the future that applies cryptocurrencies such as SOMESING to the real world, by expanding the usage of the Keypair Product Group.”

Partnerships can come in all shapes and sizes, and This partnership will make a project that will be convenience for everyone. Thats why the CEO of DeBlock once said;

“The strategic partnership between SOMESING and Key Wallet announces the start of actual services of decentralized applications (DApps) on the ICON Network,” said Oh Hyun, CEO of Deblock.


SOMESING is a Karaoke DApp application. We know that the Karaoke Application is worth a 1billion dollar market but the Application that exist today was not Free due to obvious reasons, Somebody has to pay to the music source, and that is what SOMESING did this and putting the Blockchain on top and uses the staking concept to make it FREE FOR USERS!

You like to sing DDU-DU DDU-DU of BlankPink? Or the FAKE LOVE of BTS?

Watch SOMESING interview and Watch the DEMO.

Our app is completely and now SOMESING are going Into Pre-sale so we can go for Funds to the major marketing to reach our Goal!


Some of our partners.

Anyways, SOMESING will start IEO at ‘COIN IS’ on March 15 at 2 p.m.

IEO information
1) Period: March 15 14:00 to March 20 24:00 (We’ll do the second round when it’s sold out, but the schedule’s not set.)
2) IEO Exchange: ‘Coin is’ https://www.coinis.co.kr
3) Sales volume: 50,000,000 SSX
4) Price: 0.01 USD
5) Purchasable Currency: BTC, ETH
6) CAUTION: The quantity of 1 BTC and 1 ETH reference SSX is updated at 10 a.m. daily.
That is, at 10 a.m. daily, check the BTC and ETH USD reference prices to update the prices.
Our homepage is based on 6 hours, but the IEO is based every 24 hours to stabilize prices.

DownLoad Our App now! https://bit.ly/2H73ZI8 and the release of beta version of IOS for iPhone users is scheduled for April 2019.

Register Here To Participate on Our TokenSale! https://somesing.io/index

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