-. Plans to implement differentiated, personalized services using AI solutions…

-. Aims to expand users’ experience by recommending hyper-personalized music contents…

SOMESING, a Klaytn blockchain mainnet-based social karaoke app, announced that it has signed a business agreement with Skelter Labs, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology company in Korea to upgrade its services.

Skelter Labs is a technology company consisting of a group of specialist engineers who have long-standing experiences in artificial intelligence and IT, including Cho Won-kyu, a former CEO of the R&D section at Google Korea, and Ahn Hyun-deok, a former CEO of Dialpad Communications, who developed the…



  • DBDBLAB社のワンストップメディアコマースソリューションを通じたサムシングサービス広報用プログラム制作予定
  • 2021年上半期制作着手を取り掛かることを目標にしてモビリティーデジタル広告企業「Motov社」とも積極的な協業予定

(Emel Ventures=2021年3月29日、月曜日) 「クレイトン(Klaytn)」メインネットベースのソーシャルカラオケアプリ「サムシング(SOMESING)」がサービス広報及びブランドマーケティングの目的で放送プログラムコンテンツ制作及び配給のためにワンストップソリューションを提供するマーケティング会社であり、メディアコマース会社である「DBDBLAB社」と業務協約を締結したと29日発表した。


サムシングの運営社であるEmel Ventures社のKim Heuibae代表は‘サムシングの非対面モバイルカラオケアプリサービスを積極的に活用した放送プログラム制作及び様々なチャンネルへのコンテンツ流通を通じてサムシングのブランドイメージ強化してサービスのMass Adoptionを目標にしてDBDBLAB社とたくさん協議して来たし、放送プログラム制作方向及びコンセプトに対する全体的な下絵は完成した状態だ。’と伝えた。


一方、サムシングは最近70万ダウンロードを突破し、非対面モバイルカラオケアプリサービスとして持続的な成長を続けている。また、グローバルオンライン音源流通社であるイギリスのDitto Music社と戦略的なパートナーシップを締結してグローバルサービスへの拡張も準備している。

[SOMESING X MiL.k Event Poster]

Hi, fellow SOMESING lovers,
We have brought you a new exciting event ​organized by SOMESING and MiL.k​. Would you like to know more about MiL.k​?

You can exchange various points you own for MiL.k coins and use them freely at any point regardless of brand, as well as withdrawal to your account through cashization! In addition, you can purchase mobile coupons and book culture gift certificates.​ Now, it’s possible to increase the utilization of points in MiL.k​. Participate in the festival and receive prizes and use them in various ways at MiL.k​. Not only meals, dessert, gift vouchers, duty-free shops…

SOMESING-Dasan Books-Knockdown Entertainment started producing OST of ‘Stairway of Time’, a popular webtoon

● A joint project in which OST songs of ‘Stairway of Time’ webtoon will be produced, with the aim of releasing music within the first half of 2021

● plans to recruit and select OST singers from the public and SOMESING users by utilizing SOMESING’s mobile-based audition solution

Blockchain-based social karaoke app SOMESING has launched a full-fledged OST music production work based on a joint business agreement between four companies for a popular webtoon OST music production project announced on January 26.

SOMESING will actively cooperate with its partners to develop OST music for the popular digital IP “Stairway of…

*Token burning of unnecessary supplies among reserves allocated for In-App purchase and ecosystem at the time of initial issuance according to the project expansion

*Considering the upcoming launch of a Japan-oriented SOMESING service based on LINE blockchain, Klaytn-based 700 million SSX tokens are to be burned and freezed

*Permanent freeze of SSX tokens in Upbit exchange’s ERC wallet incorrectly deposited due to deposit address error when listed on Upbit…

SOMESING, a blockchain-based social karaoke app, has announced the additional token burning and the permanent freeze of SSX tokens kept in Upbit. …

*사업확장에 따라 최초 발행 시 할당된 인앱구매 리저브와 생태계 물량 중 불필요한 물량 소각

*라인블록체인 기반 일본向 별도 서비스 런칭 고려 일본마켓을 고려했던 물량 중 일부 소각

*업비트 상장 시, 오입금으로 인한 거래소 ERC 지갑 내 물량 영구동결…

클레이튼 블록체인 메인넷 기반 소셜 노래방 앱 썸씽(SOMESING)이 추가 토큰 소각 및 업비트 내 SSX토큰의 영구동결을 공시했다.

지난 2020년 8월 10일 진행했던 파트너 토큰 소각 이후 2번째 소각이다.

[썸씽이 7억개의 토큰소각 및 영구동결을 발표했다]

썸씽의 김희배 대표는 “썸씽은 초기 사업계획 수립 시, 향후 글로벌 확장을 고려하여 총 발행 토큰량을 60억개로 산정하였다”라고 설명하며, “전체 글로벌 시장에서 …

SOMESING, blockchain-based social karaoke app, signed a strategic partnership with Ditto Music, a global online music distributor

-. Following Line Blockchain-based Japan-oriented service, SOMESING started a full-fledged global expansion

-. Mutual win-win strategies for SOMESING’s global expansion and Ditto’s entry into the Korean and Asian markets

SOMESING, a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain social karaoke platform, has signed a strategic partnership with Ditto Music Pte. Ltd, to enter the global market targeting the nearby European market, including the UK.

Singapore-based Ditto Music Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of Ditto Music in the UK, provides Opulous, a blockchain-based De-Fi service that allows musicians who…

SOMESING’s latest update, ver 1.7.0, is now available!!

Hi, Fellow SOMESING supporters!

SOMESING team is thrilled to announce our latest update with [ver 1.7.0]!! 📢 Please see what have been updated and enjoy more on SOMESING :)

Enjoy SOMESING’s latest version 1.7.0

ONE! The search feature has been improved!

-. Recent Search & Popular Search features have been added.

-. Now, the contents that are being posted and the song whose posting period has ended are listed in the search results :)

TWO! The singing page provides a genre-specific search filter!

Select your favorite genre through the filter and find the song you want to…

Famous Korean artist ‘JungiGo’ is to participate as a singer in the webtoon OST production project that will be promoted by SOMESING and Dasan Books

An official of SOMESING, a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain social karaoke Dapp, said, “One of the top Korean musicians, Jung Ki-go, who is also engaged in various music activities, has decided to participate as a singer in the popular webtoon OST production project that will be promoted by SOMESING and Dasan Books.”

SOMESING announced on January 26 that it has signed a joint business agreement with 3 partner companies, including Dasan Books, to carry out special…

SOMESING, a blockchain-based social karaoke app, signs MOU with Milk Partners to expand its blockchain business

SOMESING, a Klaytn mainnet-based social karaoke app, said it has signed a business agreement with Milk Partners, which operates ‘MiL.k’, a blockchain-based point integration platform to expand its business.

MiL.k is a blockchain service that integrates various points and converts them into points needed in real life. It has recently secured more than 210,000 users as the influx of new users has increased by providing continuous marketing with its main partner ‘Yanolja’ and “Point Discount Purchase,” a unique feature in the app. Also, it…



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